More expected of Harper government on Gaza

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The loss of innocent lives in the current Gaza war is terrible, and Canada should be doing its utmost to stop this bloodshed.

Yes, the rocket fire by Hamas is both wrong and futile, but given Israel’s demonstrated ability to stop these rockets, the killing of men, women and children and the destruction of homes and infrastructure in the bombardment and invasion of Gaza is totally wrong and inhumane.

Both the Hamas rockets and Israel’s response are surely mainly intended to pander to extremists on their respective sides, actions no sane person or government should support.

Yet, all Palestinians have good reason to detest the policies and actions of the Israeli state. Consider the millions of Palestinian refugees who lost their land, homes, villages and towns, the descendants of those killed and displaced when Israel was established, those who suffered the same fates in subsequent wars between Israel and its neighbours, those who continue to be driven from land and homes in the occupied West Bank, where Israel expands its settlements, roads, and military areas, already taking up 40 per cent of the West Bank, not to forget the deaths, overwhelmingly Palestinian. Quite apart from the earlier horrors, between 2000 and 2013, 1,523 Palestinian children and 129 Israeli children have been killed in all Palestine/Israel conflicts, including brutal actions by the Israeli military in the West Bank (many unreported in our media), a statistic which shows how problematic Israel’s use of the recent abductions and killing of teenagers was as a justification for “going after” Hamas in Gaza, the prelude to the present war.

Can our politicians not see that while Israel continues to harass and displace Palestinians in the West Bank, as well as confine the 1.5 million in Gaza to an area smaller than that of St. John’s, the future for both Palestinians and Israelis can only be bleak?

All the Harper government seems to be able to do is, once again, support “Israel’s right to defend itself.”

We should expect better of our government, as well as of all other countries with influence in the region.

John Molgaard

for Solidarity With Palestine

St. John’s

Organizations: Hamas

Geographic location: Israel, Gaza, West Bank

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Recent comments

  • In Support of the Jews Right to Exist
    July 28, 2014 - 20:57

    Would you feel differently about the incursion into Gaza if it were your children that had heard Hamas agents tunneling under your home seeking to kidnap or murder your children? The Israelis gave a developed state to the Gazans and what did they do? They elected Hamas terrorists to rule over them. The Egyptians ruled the Gaza strip and the Jordanians the West Bank between 1948 and 1967. The "Palestinians" never demanded these areas for a state during that time because they knew they had no right to it. Palestine is a geographical region. There never has been a "Palestinian" nation or nationality. There are "Palestinian" Arabs and there are "Palestinian" Jews living in that region today. Neither are perfect. Only one group has made genuine efforts in pursuit of peace. The other group has consistently pursued the way of death and blood and has openly to proclaimed it to the world.

  • Mid East Ironies
    July 28, 2014 - 12:24

    The author's logic seems ambiguous. If the morbid statistics were more "balanced"on both sides would the outrage be the same? The "iron dome" criticism is confusing. The concept from the cold war. Were either party expected to let the other "fire away" without any response? Mideast politics are much more complicated than in the New World. Anti-Steve, or anti-Justin (why no anti-Tom?? must feel left out?) rhetoric does nothing for the mid-east. Lobbying more relevant governments such as Iran's or Egypt's ought to produce better results... god luck!

  • paul
    July 28, 2014 - 11:55

    actually, don't expect any better from Harper, he has made it clear from the beginning that he supports Israel, no matter what. what is behind that? who knows, is it his 'end of days' beleif system, hastening the rapture , or is he indepted to the pro-isreal lobby.. do not dimiss the power of that lobby, in the USA at least...almost no US politician will say anything critical of Israel, and one had to opologise a few months back for calling the 'occupation' of the west bank, and occupation... something is desparately wrong and we are sitting by just watching it happen, and most people don't even know its happening.