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I’d like to commend Danielle Gosse and Mark Richards for their very well-composed response “Choice versus cheap” (a letter to the editor in The Telegram July 25 responding to Amanda O’Brien’s column “Is cheap food an obesity culprit?” in the May 29 edition of The Telegram).

I totally concur with the premise of societal change as a major factor in the choices people make that result in poor nutrition and obesity. Very many people today do not cook the majority of their meals, relying instead on convenience and restaurant food. There does not seem to be the knowledge or will to eat in a way that contributes to good health.

Newfoundlanders are often noted for eating a diet too high in salt and fat. However, it is interesting to note that, in the past, while we relied on foods considered unhealthy now, we also cooked our meals from fresh, natural products. With more exercise in our daily lives, obesity was rare.

The past 30 years in our province has seen an “explosive” entrance of convenience, “fast” food, and restaurant food, to our detriment.

Good luck to these two young people. In their careers, I hope they can spread their message far and wide.

Elizabeth Hobbs

St. John’s

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