Israel compelled to act

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Robert Ritter is not naïve (“Is there hope for the Middle East?,” The Telegram July 30).
His call for Canadians to export their country’s co-operation and goodwill to the Middle East is spot on.

Less so, it might be argued, is Ritter’s perception of the current Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza, which he attributes to “apparent irreconcilable demands” by the adversaries: Israel’s goal of security guarantees and Hamas’ demand for an end to Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

An alternate conflictual dynamic might be suggested, in which Israel is compelled to operate militarily to defend its civilian population against Hamas, a group committed through the words of its charter (as Ritter notes) as well as its terrorist actions to Israel’s violent destruction.

Such actions include the thousands of Hamas missiles launched at Israeli civilian population centres from Gaza since the unilateral end to Israel’s occupation of Gaza in 2005, and the scores of tunnels permitting the infiltration of Hamas terrorists from Gaza to Israel that have been discovered and destroyed by the Israeli army in the current conflict.

David H. Goldberg


Organizations: Hamas

Geographic location: Israel, Gaza

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Recent comments

  • Seeking Answers
    August 07, 2014 - 08:57

    Answer these questions please. Who is the occupying force? Who has blockaded whom for 7 years? Does the Likud charter recognize the Palestinians right to a homeland? Who builds illegal settlements? Who has the most sophisticated weaponry and army? Who has killed over 300 children in the past few weeks? How come no outrage for the Israeli bombs that destroy schools and children playing on the beach? No one is disputing that Israel has the right to defend itself. Do you agree that the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves? Did the fathers of Israel in 1946 blow up a hotel that killed over 91 innocents? Were they terrorists? Was Nelson Mandela a terrorist? When will the Israeli government support a peaceful solution?

  • Politically Incorrect
    August 07, 2014 - 07:42

    End of Israel's occupation in 2005? Yes, Illegal settlers were relocated to other illegal settlements in the West Bank, and the occupation was replaced with a land and sea blockade cutting Gaza off from the rest of the world. So yes, technically the occupation ended… and was replaced with a siege. And speaking of occupations, when does Israel plan to withdraw from the West Bank? Well, according to Netanyahu, "never." While citing the oft repeated, tiresome, and insincere mantra that Israel has a right to defend itself, (if you call killing 1,800 people in their own homes defense``) can one ask if citizens of Gaza do not have the same right to defend themselves from what can only be described as acts of terror? Well, we are not allowed to ask that. We dare not mention the on-going, unprovoked, unilateral attacks from Israel since 2005, in the absence of rocket attacks, in what the Israeli government cheerfully calls "mowing the law?" No. It all started with Hamas. No further context is permitted or acknowledged. Shouting "Hamas," before you bomb a refugee centre a UN hospital, shoot fleeing civilians, or carrying out any number of war crimes doesn’t absolve you in the eyes of the world the Geneva Convention, and international law.