‘Lopsided message’ demanded a response

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Re: The Telegram’s editorial: “Lopsided message” (Aug. 5).
Every civilian death in warfare is unacceptable, but make no mistake: Hamas uses Gazans civilians as human shields when firing on Israeli civilians, a bona fide double war crime.

mportantly, Israel contends that more than half of the Palestinian casualties are terrorists, not civilians and Hamas instructs Palestinians to tell reporters that dead terrorists are just non-combatants.

It’s regrettable that The Telegram did not condemn Hamas’ cynical strategy of embedding themselves in civilian installations. Whether storing weapons or firing from UN schools, hospitals, mosques, homes, etc. Indeed, Hamas fired more than 3,000 rockets during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge and close to 20,000 in the past decade. Each one of these mobile bombs was meant to kill Israelis and was an attempt at murder. Meanwhile, 10 per cent of those rockets misfired and killed Palestinian innocents, such as an errant rocket that struck a UN school killing nine Palestinian children.

 Hamas has turned Gaza residential neighbourhoods into its military bases with its command and control centre located in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital. Israel will not apologize for there being a “limited” number of Israeli civilian casualties.

Israel has the obligation to protect its citizens and has done so through the development of the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system, by enforcing the need for each Israeli house to have a bomb shelter, and in having red alarm sirens throughout the country to warn of impending attacks.

 Hamas, on the other hand, relishes the idea of its own civilians being killed as they are mere cannon fodder for its efforts to tarnish Israel’s reputation. As to the blockade, it’s enforced to ensure that deadly weapons don’t end up in the hands of Hamas terrorists, or to ensure that materials such as concrete aren’t used to create underground tunnels to perpetrate subterranean terror by entering sovereign Israeli territory to massacre Israeli children.

Regarding the deaths at a UN school, the Israeli army said it targeted three members of the Islamic Jihad terror group on a motorcycle near the school, not the school itself, and was investigating a possible secondary explosion when the motorcycle was hit.

Canada has indeed been supportive of Israel and is deserving of praise for its moral clarity, but is The Telegram really asking that Canada should support the other side of the conflict, namely Hamas, an organization bent on the genocide of Jews which is supported by Iran and Qatar?

The Telegram correctly notes that “the way the media covers the war seems to super-charge opinion”, which is why its own “lopsided message” was in need of a fulsome retort.

Mike Fegelman

executive director

Honestreporting Canada, Toronto

Organizations: Hamas, UN school, UN Shifa Hospital Islamic Jihad

Geographic location: Israel, Gaza, Canada Iran Qatar Toronto

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