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I really don’t know if I find this situation interesting, amusing or unsettling.

The other day I was stopped at the median on Topsail Road and Columbus Drive. There was an older gentleman walking back and forth on the median carrying a cardboard sign which read “Broke and hungry and anything you could contribute would help” or something to that effect.

An hour later I had to go in the same direction but this time there was a different man walking the median also holding a cardboard sign saying basically the same thing as the others guy’s sign but at the end of the appeal it read “God bless.”

I guess he thought he could probably garner more by making an appeal to the religious sector of our society.

Who knows.

How this becomes more amusing is when I hit the intersection of Columbus Drive and Thorburn Road there was this guy there holding a cardboard sign appealing for spare change, being broke and hungry, but he was appealing to Dodge truck drivers. His sign mentions Hemi engines, which is a Dodge engine. I don’t know, but maybe he somehow figured out that Dodge truck drivers are more generous than those who drive the other brands.

That was the interesting and amusing part.

The unsettling part and what bothers me is what can happen if either of these people slipped, tripped or fell onto the street and subsequently into fast moving traffic.

The median on Topsail and Columbus only has a width of five feet (I measured it).

With the volume of traffic in these two areas coupled with the fact that because of the increasing use of cellphones and texting there are a lot more distracted drivers on the roads.

I think that the City of St. John’s traffic committee should really take a serious look at stopping this practice. I don’t know what other cities do but I do know that in parts of Nova Scotia there are signs on the medians indicating “No Soliciting.”

This issue should be addressed sooner than later, before, God forbid, an accident happens.


William Sheppard

St. John’s

Geographic location: Columbus Drive, Topsail Road, Thorburn Road Nova Scotia

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