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Muskrat Falls is an important issue, however Churchill Falls should be as important.
If Newfoundlanders don’t make use of the Churchill Falls contract Article No. 10, they will never get a fair price for the energy sold to Hydro-Québec.

Telegram letters

Until Aug. 31, 2016, CFLCo. is receiving one-quarter of one cent per kilowatt hour.

Starting Sept. 1, 2016, and for the next 25 years, CFLCo. will receive only one-fifth of a cent per kilowatt hour.

According to Nalcor’s financial report, Churchill Falls generated $20.2 million in 2014.

For the same year, Hydro-Québec cashed more than $2 billion in net profit by selling the Churchill Falls energy. It is more than 100 times what Nalcor got.

In July 2014, Justice Joel A. Silcoff with the Cour Supérieure du Québec refused to make any change to the Churchill Falls contract.

He told Newfoundlanders that there are absolutely no justifications to change any article in the Churchill Falls contract. He also told Newfoundlanders to stop complaining and crying; in other words, you signed this damn contract, so live with it.

For April 2016 in Montreal, five Quebec judges have already been assigned to hear the appeal. They will deliver exactly the same message that Justice Silcoff did: stop complaining and crying; you signed that damn contract, so live with it.

They will also proclaim that the good faith notion, as written in the Quebec civil code, applies only to Quebec citizens. It doesn’t apply to neighbours living outside Quebec territory.

What Justice Silcoff is telling Newfoundlanders is very clear: if you aren’t happy with the Churchill Falls contract, you just have to make use of the Article No. 10: pull the plug! And then, let’s see.

Hydro-Québec will not long tolerate losing $6 million per day.

And Hydro-Québec’s clients will strongly complain about the loss of Churchill Falls power.

Very quickly, Hydro-Québec will fly to St. John’s to renegotiate the Churchill Falls contract.

Please, stop crying and complaining against Quebecers. Just stand up!


Lucien Beauregard, P. eng

Sainte Julie, Que.



Organizations: Hydro-Québec, Cour Supérieure du Québec

Geographic location: Quebec, Montreal

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Recent comments

  • Lucien Beauregard
    Lucien Beauregard
    January 06, 2016 - 13:26

    In April, who will win the battle in Quebec Appeal Court ? Let's be optimistic for one second. Let's suppose that Newfoundland win in Quebec Appeal Court . What will be the tool available to Newfoundland to force Hydro-Quebec to respect the verdict and to pay the amount accumulated since CFLCo file request six years ago, in 2010 ? It is almost six billions$ to be paid on the verdict's day, and, afterward, one billion each year for ever ! Hydro-Quebec , 100% owned by Quebec Government, always refused to pay a fair price for the Churchill Falls energy Why would it change his mind ? Unless......Newfoundland take action !

  • nomad
    January 05, 2016 - 17:11

    Merci Lucien! and MERCY Quebec!

  • Lucien Beauregard
    January 05, 2016 - 13:42

    Reply to Agnes Since year 2000, I requested many times that Quebec Governement order Hydro-Quebec to reopen the Churchill Falls Contract. Hydro-Quebec makes huge profits with that contract. So Quebec Government will always refuse to change or modify any article in the Churchill Falls Contract. However the Contract is so unfair that peoples in North America are reluctant to do business with any Quebeckers. This contract is detrimental as well to Newfoundland’s economy than Quebec’s economy. It should be clear that the most efficient way to force the Quebec Government to reopen the contract is to threaten it by pulling the plug.

  • chesley saunders
    January 05, 2016 - 00:08

    ok lets look at if quebec can be selling that energy ? an have they have too the right be doing so?under the contract

  • Agnes
    January 04, 2016 - 20:54

    I believe this is the same gentleman engineer who has been telling us for years to stand up against this grossly unfair contract. Why haven't we?

  • Dennis Burden
    January 04, 2016 - 10:29

    Last time i checked the Upper Churchill was in Labrador same as Muskrat .....built on the same River actually ...... but yes you are 100% correct in saying that it was a Newfoundland Government that screwed up the deal ..... same crowd that is screwing the citizens on the Muskrat Fails scheme today .....don`t expect anything to change anytime soon !!

  • Brian
    January 04, 2016 - 09:56

    I meant Mr. Beauregard! Not Bouchard!

  • Brian
    January 04, 2016 - 09:54

    Imagine! A loyal and patriotic Quebecois providing sound advice as to how to deal with the patently lopsided Churchill Falls contract! Good on you Mr. Bouchard. I hope the current government of NL pays heed and fully leverages Article No.10.

  • John Smith
    January 04, 2016 - 08:15

    We are not crying and complaining....we are just examining any and all legal means of righting a wrong. 2041 will come soon enough...and as many Quebecers have said for years...We will remember....

    • Dolf
      January 05, 2016 - 07:40

      Wanna' bet?

    • Lucien Beauregard
      Lucien Beauregard
      January 06, 2016 - 12:01

      The Churchill Falls Contract will not stop in 2041. According to " SHAREHOLDER'S AGREEMENT ", signed on June 18, 1999 , among Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro and Hydro-Quebec and CFLCO, the contract will be extended beyond 2041. As long the money invested by Hydro-Quebec to prevent CFLCo from bankruptcy will not have been reimbursed.

  • Maxwell J.
    January 04, 2016 - 07:59

    This is a red herring nonsense letter. Article 10 of the contract provides no such relief. Indeed no relief from this oppressive, unconscionable contract is possible under Quebec, Canadian or Newfoundland law. The only two exceptions are (1) that Quebec separates from Canada or (2) NL separates from Canada. Neither of which s likely in the foreseeable future.

  • Don II
    January 04, 2016 - 07:53

    Just pull the plug! No problem. Then get ready for the biggest lawsuit that Newfoundland and Labrador has ever seen! Go ahead.......make Hydro Quebec's day!