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I write regarding the story “Mom says school officials discouraged son’s use of sign language,” Sept. 29.

I’d like to commend Fawn Hedderson and Shawn Blake for their foresight and tenacity in advocating for their son. It is discouraging that so often, it takes media intervention to force a result.  

The school is wrong to say American Sign Language will be obsolete. As I’m sure the family realizes, it is an effective communication means which cannot be replaced by technology. Too often, educators take a narrow view and do not respect other views, especially those of parents who, quite often, are more educated in areas which concern their child than the school may be.

Jarod appears to be a bright child and he can achieve a great deal, and our education system should be helping him to do that, rather than hindering him.  

I wish your family all the best.


E.C. Hobbs

St. John’s

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