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  • Fred Harris
    November 19, 2012 - 11:26

    So if I read Professor Cadigan's above article correctly; Memorial has not chosen to provide additional support, through a reduction in course fees, free books or perhaps a comprehensive equivalency educational accreditation process to the men and women who signed a "blank cheque" for their lives... The women and men of the Canadian Forces and RCMP, provide the security and service so that members of our society may pursue higher learning. Not to make light of the living memorial aspect or off-handedly dismiss your words as just that, "words". The universities and colleges in Canada should ALL be giving military and RCMP professions, trades and vocations accreditation earned through training, experience and skills or programs to those service people who meet entry qualifications... To be fair, I did receive some course by course accreditation but nowhere near enough. I hope you understand the frustration of a 32 yr veteran, whose career as an Avionics and Flight Simulator Technologist with a myriad of Safety, Admin., Tech Library and Quality Assurance courses, just to name the highlights of my career...