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  • NF for NF
    January 09, 2013 - 13:59

    The slams are out there all right, for all the wrong reasons. Fact is you made comment without study and without reading the book that you are making comment on. Same tactics politicians (or those that are paid by them) use on open line when they want to mitigate negative commentary. The only slam on the book I know of came from a first time book reviewer a couple of weeks ago. One has to ask the questions why him and why this book? Look deeper and you shall find the answers. READ the book. AT least go to the bookstore if you don't want to pay for it and read the MANY FOOTNOTED QUOTES FROM Bureaucrats and Politicians that tell the story of skulduggery themselves. Malone only adds nationalist colour. What I found most frightening was the people that called in an open line show and supported what happened as "the means justified the end' including a caller from Grand Falls who was proud that his father counted headstones for the confederate movement.

  • rick whelan
    January 09, 2013 - 09:43

    plz read the book,and if not do a little history spelunkin you will be suprised.

  • NF for NF
    January 08, 2013 - 13:30

    Before anyone slams a book that exposes something like this it is important that person actually reads it. Malone's book is well documented and FOOTNOTED beyond reproach. Those that question or accuse him of missing footnotes while not actually reading the book, are doing a great DELIBERATE disservice to Newfoundland History. The fact is, it WAS a rotten thing that happened and it has taken many years to get this much information out to the unwashed masses. Some of the very same people who once served under Joseph R Smallwood are still operating to obfuscate our history and seed the media with " rumblings it's a bit of a fictional account." Much in the same manner a wily politician would do to discredit his opposition.

    • Carolyn
      January 08, 2013 - 16:09

      Oh that wasn't a slam if you're referring to me. But the slams are out there, they're just not mine. Yet.

  • Cynic
    January 08, 2013 - 11:06

    Actually, the idea that Britain fixed the second Referendum is not Greg Malone's. It has been out there practically since the vote. I've even had a university professor tell me that he was told by an old man who had worked in the Dominion's Office that Bristain fixed the results. Think about it. Britain was supposed to give us back our government once we had become financially solvent. They looked into it and their own investigator recommended paying Newfoundlan 10 million pounds in war reparations and giving us our government back. But Britain was broke after the War. Also, Newfoundland hadn't always been cooperative with British interests in Canada, so an independent Newfoundlad sitting in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence wasn't attractive to post-War Britain, and they weren't going to allow America to slide up the East Coast the way they had slid up the West Coast in Alaska. And finally, why did there have to be a second referendum after Responsible Government had gotten a 17% majority in the first one? I don't think you need Greg Malone to tell you, it looks pretty obvious. But I'm glad he did. Someone needed to say it.

  • Carolyn
    January 08, 2013 - 07:12

    I haven't read the book yet but I'm hearing rumblings it's a bit of a fictional account with no substantial evidence. More hype and hypothesis than history...and...interestingly enough, for all the anti-Canadian rhetoric...a Canadian publisher was good enough for Malone...so perhaps a little hypocrisy as well ( to keep with the alliteration). I'll borrow if from the library when it becomes available.

  • W McLean
    January 07, 2013 - 11:09

    Maybe the missing ballots are filed with Malone's missing footnotes.

  • WTF
    January 07, 2013 - 08:52

    You realize that your position is based on what one person has said. I think I'd wait to see if historians or anybody else supports Malone's version.