Exciting times in engineering

Updated at 03:02 - I am writing in response to P.C. Helwig’s letter published in the July 22 edition of The Telegram. In particular, I would like to...


Questions in the wind

Updated on July 26, 2014 - I would like to question public statements by three individuals over the past couple of weeks that Muskrat Falls remains the lowest...


Something more than sportsmanship

Updated on July 26, 2014 - A month ago your paper ran an article by Tara Bradbury “Gaining confidence,” about Vanier Elementary student Robbie Wickham (June...


Treason in the air

Updated on July 26, 2014 - I read the column and re-read it and then again betwixt races at the annual Placentia Regatta on Saturday July 19.


Choice versus cheap

Updated on July 25, 2014 - With regard to Amanda O’Brien’s column “Is cheap food an obesity culprit?” published in The Telegram, May 29, we would like to...


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