Fishery a dangerous place to work

Updated on July 06, 2015 - Recently the news has reminded us all yet again that tragic loss of life while working in the fishery is just a normal part of...

We’re fighting to save Atlantic salmon

Updated on July 04, 2015 - Take a minute to consider what wild Atlantic salmon means to this province. It’s part of our identity, intermingled with our past,...


Population-growth pipe dreams

Updated on July 04, 2015 - I wonder what kind of alien substance is in those vapour cigarettes being smoked on Confederation Hill?


Banks behaving badly

Updated on July 03, 2015 - I would like to comment on the letter published in your paper on June 9 from Carolyn J. Emerson’s of St. Johns.


A rebuttal from the Church By The Sea

Updated on July 04, 2015 - This is in response to Thomas Bursey’s June 6 letter in The Telegram, headlined “Disputed church lacks architectural...


Atlantic provinces must work together

Updated on July 04, 2015 - In light of the recent launch of the provincial government’s population growth strategy, I would like to bring this issue to the...


The truth about Atlantic salmon

Updated on July 03, 2015 - The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) is an elitist mainland/foreign organization that is not the last word in Atlantic salmon...


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