Blossoming thefts

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Thefts make beautification efforts difficult

St. John's Clean and Beautiful devised an Adopt-A-Spot plan and four seniors weeded, tilled, trimmed and swept the LSPU Hall area of lower Victoria Street.

Then flowers were planted and two boxes of geraniums placed to beautify that public place, along with two sand-filled buckets for smokers to butt out.

St. John's Clean and Beautiful devised an Adopt-A-Spot plan and four seniors weeded, tilled, trimmed and swept the LSPU Hall area of lower Victoria Street.

Then flowers were planted and two boxes of geraniums placed to beautify that public place, along with two sand-filled buckets for smokers to butt out.

Short tenure

Someone stole the geranium boxes, spilled a sand-filled cigarette bucket and stole it.

Your act, dear thief, sears the civilized psyche, but we know you are not all bad - we appreciate your love of flowers.

Please return same so the public may enjoy them - the reason it was adopted in the first place.

S.C. Rendell and B. Redpath

St. John's

Geographic location: St. John's, Victoria Street

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Recent comments

  • Brad
    July 20, 2010 - 13:03

    Why is everyone attacking young people? Where in the article does it say a young person stole the flowers and bucket? How do you know it wasn't someone over the age of, I don't know, 35? Barbara, you say very few young people say thank you or excuse me anymore, well, I work in the service industry and so I deal with the public on a daily basis, I can certianly tell you that the same thing can be said of 'older' people. I also encounter it outside my job as well. Why is it that the old attack the young and the young attack the old? It doesn't matter what age someone is, old and young alike, there are bad apples amongst the good. Maybe if each individual person was more conscious of how they treated other people and if everyone was more respectful, it would be returned in-kind. What's that golden rule? Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Having a better city, town, world to live in take a united effort on all parts, young and old. If the thief reads this article, please return the stolen items.

  • John
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    The nuber of lowlife scumbags in and around this dirty town seems to grow each day. Our parks are constantly under attack, with Bowering park being the latest victim. Where will all this vandalism, senseless vandalism lead? I heard a young fellow say a few weeks ago that the only thing Newfounland would be good for is a toxic waste dump. There is a generation growing up with a hatred for this place, and all that we have tried to create here.The only answer I can see is to seriously try to get to these kids when they are young. Explain to them how much hard work and money goes into building a park. Take a class out of scholl for the day and have them paint picknick tables, and weed gardens etc.People talk about video cameras, and increased fines and jail time, that doesn't work. We have to try to get these kids to understand, get them to learn what the word RESPECT means.Where are the so called parents? Dad is gone, and Mom is struggleing with two jobs. The kids are on their own. I ask myself how can a kid go over to the park at 13 years of age drinking beer, and beating up everything in sight without the parents knowing? They must know when little Johnny shows up at midnight stinking of beer and dope. They just don't care anymore. The least of that Mom's worrys is that Johnny will go over and beat everything to peicies in the park. Mom is just hoping he won't start doing it at home. I don't know where this will end, but I think we have to try to instill some sort of pride into these kids, in the hope that maybe they will think a little before they destroy.

  • Bree
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Youths are a product of their environment. If there are destructive youths, they were raised that way. Let's not paint all youths the same. For alls its shame, drudgery and broken dreams its still a beautiful world.

  • Mary
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    This type of reading discuss me big time. I do have faith in our youth as they are not all alike. I know kids who have done humanitarian work in our community. Others are left to roam uncivilized, unchecked by parents/ grandparents because they are allowed to quit school, in bed all day and when working people go to bed @ a decent hour, these renegades are getting up to go do the town, vandalize, steal etc. When something happens and the heat is on, dad or grandma takes the car until things are cool. They should be made if caught to go back to school, community work or be put in the military no question about it. We have had thiefs of cemetary flowers on Bell Island for the past 3 years. We placed saddle arrangements on 2 graves, one being a child. How low can you get to do something of that nature. This we believe was not done by teenagers but by adults. This year we have made it harder to steal, if there's work involved they may get discouraged. LOW LIFES!!

  • crackie
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Perhaps instead of the seniors going out & doing this the crowd up on Parade St ( Youth Detention) should go out & clean it up.

  • Calvin
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Wanna know one problem with todays youth? They are not afriad of anything because you cant punish your children anymore for fear of them being taken away. Now some parents would welcome the spare bedroom, but most parents do care about their children and are afraid to try and teach a child proper respect. I am not talking about physical abuse, I am talking every day sensibility and etiquette. When my son was 2 and in daycare, a note came home one day saying he had hit another child. I took most of his toys and movies for 3 days. When I asked the daycare what they were doing on their end to discipline my boy, they said they arent allowed to do anything to discipline a child. I asked them, What do you mean, you cant make them have a timeout in the corner by themselves. They said they could not do that because if a social worker ever heard of it they would be shut down!!! Come on, children are being given the run of everything they are involved with from such an early age, anw we are all surprised when they figure they have the right of way. My son is starting school in the fall and during one of the school's pre-school information sessions one parent said, I cant get my daughhter to put her phone down long enough to help me with the dishes, let alone excercise, to which the school representative replied Well you can only discuss with your child your concerns for them. Are you kidding me?!? TAKE THE F%^&N PHONE AWAY!!!! Beat the thing up in the driveway if you have to in order to get your point across, but do something. Asking children to stop doing something is pointless, there has to be consequences for their actions from an early age if you want them to learn any respect.

  • Barbara
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Good Call, John Smith. We are now raising a generation of rude, angry and disrespecful people. Very few young people say thank you or excuse me anymore unless they are well over Twenty.They seem to think that the world owes them and they can do or say what they want. I realize that times change but manners should not go out of style. Respect seems to be an old fashioned idea. If they see it and want it they take it. If they don't like it they destroy it. These are the people who will look ater us when we are old. All I can say is God Help Us because they won't.

  • Jamie
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    I have to agree with you Brad, there is nothing that states this was done by young people. And the older generations can be just as rude. I worked with a teen center and the teenagers there complained about the cops always on thier back for drinking. I tried to explain that cops could care less if they drank responsibly and did not damage property. The cops hassled them because they would take empty bottles and throw at peoples houses, or smash on the roads. The people living in those areas would complain to the police, who would then hassle the teenagers. I drank as a teenager, mostly to excess. I also smoked up, hung out and wasted my youth doing things I wish I could do again. I am willing to bet everyone here has probably done some of it.

  • Anon
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    yeah yeah, this generation is rude and disrespectful, just like the last generation and the one before it. But were all controlled by our money and our environments and so if you find who controls those things you find whos really raising your children.