A question of priorities

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The government has stated that in order to reduce the deficit, federal expenditures needed be cut.

Consequently the air/sea rescue, lighthouse closings, food inspection, etc., in Newfoundland would be eliminated (and moved to Nova Scotia).

Recently, the federal government announced the creation of a new national park at $188 million and $275,000 to search for remnants of the Franklin expedition. It appears the safety of mariners and fishermen and the health of Newfoundlanders are not high priorities.

Stephen Harper and other elected representatives certainly make it difficult for us to declare we’re proud Canadians, instead of second-class citizens.


Dave Short

St. John’s

Geographic location: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia

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Recent comments

  • Ed Power
    September 18, 2012 - 14:22

    I love a business man. He is my favourite newfoundl-aynrander. Forgive me, but for some reason, I suspect that 'a business man' is not really someone who operates an actual business, rather he is someone who spends far too much time playing Monopoly: The Ayn Rand Wannabe Edition. (You will note that I CHOSE not to capitalize the pseudonymous name 'a business man' because...well let's just say I chose not to capitalize 'a business man' because I want to use 'a business man' without capital letters.) It all sounds rather juvenile, like a twelve- year old in a temper tantrum.

  • Frank
    September 14, 2012 - 10:30

    The internet, a vehicle for idiots to try and sound important. A Businees Man proves my point every time.

    • a business man
      September 15, 2012 - 18:00

      Did you know that you can use the internet to offshore and oursource front end jobs to workers in other parts of the world with a cheaper minimum wage? In one of my call center companies, I have all the management jobs based out of Toronto where university educated workers handle the sales, marketing, IT, and management functions. Then, using the Internet, we have front end call center workers in Asia, Mexico and the USA who make far less then I used to pay in Toronto....and the recent rise in the value of our Canadian dollar makes it even more profitable. In short, the Internet is a tool that companies can use to have cheaper workers from all over the world do the same work that Canadian workers do here. Business owners can use the Internet as a tool to replace unskilled uneducated Canadian workers with cheaper unskilled uneducated workers from foreign countries. Business owners can use the internet as a tool to cut workers wages and put the savings straight into their own pocket.

  • a business man
    September 14, 2012 - 08:39

    ELI - I do know how to and when to use a capital letter.......I CHOOSE to leave the capital "N" out of newfoundland because ....well lets just say it is because I chose not to capitalize newfoundland.. Yes, I make typos, but if you look through my posts you'll see that I capitalize Canada and USA most if not all of the time. I make a conscious decision not to capitalize the word newfoundland. Is my failure to capitalize newfoundland what you are referring to? If so, it will not change anything. I will continue to use newfoundland without the capital N because I want to use newfoundland without the capital N.

    • Eli
      September 14, 2012 - 09:23

      It begs the question, what the hell are you doing in Newfoundland? Leave!, plain & simple.

    • a business man
      September 15, 2012 - 09:58

      Eli, I will not completely leave newfoundland because there is money to be made here

    September 13, 2012 - 20:56

    Enough is enough with regard to - A BUSINESS MAN - !!!! Certainly most, if not all regular posters on this site, realize this person is not who he says he is. While certainly good for a laugh from time to time, I think this person has crossed the line when he openly says he is not concerned about the safety of mariners or fishermen!! Newfoundlanders ALWAYS care about the safety of fishermen, so here is some advice for the BUSINESS MAN - keep your regular fantastic, amuseing posts coming , regarding employer / employee relations , but hold back on a serious subject when NFLD lives are involved.!! You will never be a Willy Hunt my friend !!!!!! He can teach you a lot about humor!!!

    • a business man
      September 14, 2012 - 07:25

      NL Turf: as a taxpayer, citizen and voter, do I not have the right to not give a crap about the safety of mariners or fishermen? I have nothing to gain from their existence, so I could care less. I have the right to not care. I am exercising that right. I truly do not care about the safety of the mariners and fishermen. Unless you can demonstrate that I have a legal obligation to care about their safety, I will end this conversation by saying that I am proud to live in a country where I have the right to state that I do NOT care about the safety of mariners and fishermen.

  • a business man
    September 13, 2012 - 08:30

    as a NL born taxpayer, citizen and voter, I have to say that I do not care about safety of mariners and fishermen. Furthermore, while I care about the health of Newfoundlanders, I also must point out that for me, the health of those in central Canada and western Canada is far more important because I those provinces generate more money for me than does Newfoundland. So therefore, I am completely in support of policies and politicians that are not concerned with the safety of fishermen and mariners, and also completely in support of policies and politicians that do no regard the health of Newfoundlanders are a high priority. After reading this article, I am pleased with the votes that I cast. The reality of the situation is that Canada benefits as a whole by pandering to the more important interests that exist outside of Newfoundland.

    • Eli
      September 13, 2012 - 13:59

      You'd make a fine Santa Claus, unless of course your comments are tongue-in-cheek, as surely to God they must be.

    • a business man
      September 13, 2012 - 15:17

      what is tounge-in cheek about having interests that are more important to me that newfoundland. The world is a big place and the opportunities that exist outside newfoundland (and Canada for that matter) are endless and very lucrative. Even Santa Claus has interests outside of newfoundland.

    • Eli
      September 14, 2012 - 07:25

      Any businessman doing business on a national or international should at least know how and when to use a capital letter. You don't cut it my son.

  • William Daniels
    September 13, 2012 - 07:37

    It appears some of these priorities are not Premier Dunderdales either.