Town streets are not racetracks

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As stated by a Targa official on the NTV news regarding racing on town roads in Newfoundland and Labrador: “Only one place in North America and one of three in the world that you can actually close down public roads.”

He was referring to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Every other province in Canada, every state in the United States and almost every country on Earth do not see fit to have high-speed vehicles which are sometimes totally out of control, racing past our children and our homes.

I love to see racing in or near our towns, but only on an official race track.

Some of our town councillors look at this as a means to bring outside money into the local economy. I compare car racing on residential streets with gambling, prostitution and drug dealing.

All four have the same overall things in common: they are dangerous and they bring money into the town.

Car racing on residential streets is more dangerous than the other three things. If one of those race cars goes out of control and kills a child, do you councillors and organizers realize how grief-stricken parents may react?

I fear that in retaliation, a grief-stricken parent of the murdered child would want revenge on the people who brought this grief on them.

Big boys with their expensive toys should play in areas that do not put families in danger.

I don't think my municipally elected representatives should decide it is OK for them to put my family in danger, regardless of how much money they will generate.

They do not, nor ever will, have enough money to replace my family.

I know I will make enemies by my stand on this but like the women of MADD, families of AA, and other people who make their opinions known regarding dangerous and possible lethal choices, some of us have to take the flak for our stance on dangerous activities.

I plan to put out a petition to have racing banned on residential streets. If you have an opinion on how to help me put a stop this dangerous activity, please contact me my by mail at P.O. Box 373, Gander, NL, A1V 1W7 or by email:

Norman LaFosse


Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador, North America, Canada United States

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  • Denise
    September 21, 2012 - 21:47

    Tis funny but don't some streets in Montreal and Toronto be closed to traffic during Formula 1 racing, Indycar racing, etc?