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  • a business man
    October 11, 2012 - 06:50

    Yes, once upon a time, you had to go to the bank and deal with a teller who knew your name. While that is a nice experience, it is something we can cut out with technology. By using automated and technology based bank services, we cut out a) the need for the bank employee, b) the time needed to line up at the bank, c) the need to pay the employee. This is a good example of using technology to cut the worker out while improving service. Sure, the bank machine may not know my name, but I don't need a teller to know my name....I just want my banking done. And I am happy to deal with a machine if it means I save a few minutes. Same goes with email, texting and skype. These are all technological methods that be used to eliminate the need for Canada Post employees. I get all my bills online...there is no need for me to waste time going to the mail box. Sure, it is just down the road, but I am happy eliminate that task from my life. So in short, I welcome the use of technology to make like easier by simplifying tasks, by eliminating human errors and eliminate workers.

    • Claire
      October 11, 2012 - 12:32

      While I do agree that there is value in face to face communication, technology does not eliminate our ability to interact with people. I see technology such as email and texting as an additional (quick and efficient) way to communicate. Skyping with my good friend who lives in Europe is much more satisfying to me than writing a letter and I could argue that this method is "face to face" while still using technology. And in the business world technology does save time and money. Not to mention being good for the environment. Tools like email, taking notes on a laptop rather than on paper, online bills, and even online newspapers ;) are saving trees and helping to protect the environment for future generations.