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  • Come with it
    October 18, 2012 - 18:08

    No Catherine, when you were a teen twenty-five years ago, your generation was the slackest most good for nothing generation that had the world handed down to them for nothing. Just like the generation that accused you of it when they were teens fifty years ago. Bullying isn't new, social media and news coverage of it are. It's my generation that is getting anything but the world handed down to them for nothing thanks to your generation and the one before it and their reckless environmental and financial practices but I digress because what neither generation has learned to do is stop whining about it on openline, the telegram and facebook and start going into schools and saying "Alright kids, I think you're all a little messed up, so bullying is bad mmmkayyyy you shouldn't bully cause it's bad mmmkaayyyy" Why don't you try that? Volunteer to run some afterschool clubs the schools are always looking for them because teachers already have enough on their plates.