Rowers deserve more respect

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I was appalled to read in the Oct. 17th Telegram that the Regatta Committee is denying the use of winter training facilities for the St. John’s Rowing Club Canada Games junior rowing team, “for security reasons.”

I would have thought that the Regatta Committee would have stepped over backwards to help the province’s rowers — it’s the same sport, for the love of Mike. Young rowers need encouragement, not stuffy bureaucracy.

Rowing is fun, excellent exercise, teaches athletic expertise, crew spirit, working together, better sportsmanship than most sports, and social interaction for years afterwards. These rowers train hard and are a credit to the province.

In fact, The Telegram seems to have the same mental block. The paper reports on the Regatta in August and that’s about it. The St. John’s Rowing Club has some very good rowers, and I enjoy watching them on the lake. I would like to know who they are, where they compete and how they do. I hear sometimes afterwards that they had competed in some national or provincial regatta somewhere, and performed credibly. Not a peep from our local paper. Instead, more likely would be a report on tiddlywinks in Moscow.

In several cities where I have lived, and there has been a rowing club, it

has always been reported as a major sport.  

Similarly, the paper reports about the city needing better recreational facilities, mentioning several sports facilities. Rowing should have been included. At present the St. John’s Rowing Club has a small and inadequate crowded space at the Boathouse, without even a changing room.  


John Gibson

St. John’s

Organizations: Rowing Club Canada Games, Regatta Committee

Geographic location: Moscow

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Recent comments

  • Anna
    October 24, 2012 - 14:06

    That Regretta committee has been around for eons and refuse to think that the lake could be used for more than practice in the spring and then the Regetta. I walk around there all the time and I'm amazed that the City doesn't do more to promote it. Not even a bathroom on site for God's sake. All we hear about is how Newfoundlanders are obese and yet everything someone wants to do something different, they are turned down. Don Kelly, I heard your interview on CBC and it was laughable.

  • Ron Tizzard
    October 24, 2012 - 08:05

    I haven't rowed in the Regatta, but I have attended many of the events throughout many years, as have many other livyers of the St. John's, it's surrounds and beyond. It's a great sport, and a teriffic sport with opportunity and capacity to groom many younger male and female rowers into the sport competitively, through time. As well, there is no particular intractable reason why the pond and boathouse faciities cannot be open in-season i.e. pond is ice-free...the ducks don't seem to mind. There could be a small fee, like many other of our facilities to help with the upkeep and may, just maybe, replacement of the facility sooner than later. The otherwise related public 'fitness-minded' people seem to have bought into the Pond's region as a spaw-like haven to walk-jog-run with their friends i.e. two-gegged or four-legged- who may buy-into the use of a small area in the 'just maybe' new boathouse-through-time to sit and have a cooffee with fellow walkers and runners...A NEW FACILITY...SEE, IT'S NOT TOO HARD TO DIGEST AS THE THE LIKELIHOOD GROWS. So, why not sooner than later. The sport, the area, the people could use an upgrade of the area for something other than a few regatta weeks of the the year; while the area is used by some otherwise already. The area is a jewel ready to be cut into a fine 'Gem". It's overdue, John Gibson is sounding a bell...I'm ringing the bell with him. The entire area i.e. pond, sourrounds, and boathouse is long over-due for a re-think and serious multi-purpose grooming. I'm not complaining, but a genuine supporter of the pond and surrounds, the regatta, regroomed boathouse for our rowers, walkers and even a cafe of sorts for those who walk/run in the area with their friends. Somebody get crackin, Thank you. Hope this helps John!

  • Colin Pike
    October 23, 2012 - 22:19

    Thank you for some support!!! we love seeing you row down the pond too doc!!