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Because of the positive and uplifting nature of a personal experience I had recently, I am writing this letter to your attention.  At the end of a busy work day at the office, I dropped by the Only Deals store in Mount Pearl to pick up some items I really needed for the next day.

Tired and hungry, I was relieved to have gathered all of my items, and proceeded to the checkout when suddenly the lights flickered, and the debit and Visa option was unavailable. As it happened, I did not carry enough cash for my purchases, and my disappointment must have been obvious.

At that moment, a young male employee approached me politely and said, “M’am, I would like to pay for your purchases. I could see the disappointment on your face when the machines went down.” I was speechless to say the least. I said, “But you don’t even know me!  How do you know you will get your money back?” He smiled and said, “I can see how tired you are and just want to help. You have an honest face, and I am not worried about getting the money back.”

In an uncharacteristic response, I  thanked him profusely, took his money and paid for my purchases. Gathering my packages, I left the store in a daze of disbelief. In all of my years, I have never experienced such spontaneous, simple kindness from a complete stranger who only wanted to ease my burden.

In our modern world we are bombarded daily with the evidence of disregard, disrespect, cynicism, and yes, even cruelty at every turn, and therefore it touched me deeply to find such unexpected kindness right in front of me.

We rarely get an opportunity to see evidence that there are good and decent people in our world as well. The young man who helped me did not take my name or phone number, nor did I take his, as somehow it did not seem relevant.

I contacted the store and found the name of my knight in shining armor.

I want to replace the money he gave to me and to give him a special thank-you note, so that he will truly understand what a deep impression his genuine kindness has made on my heart. His quiet and personal act of generosity has done much to restore my faith in human decency.

I could not allow this incident to pass without acknowledging it publically in hopes that others may be inspired to be kind to someone when the opportunity arises.  

Carol Etheridge

Mount Pearl

Organizations: Visa

Geographic location: Mount Pearl

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Recent comments

  • Jacklyn Adams
    November 03, 2012 - 12:56

    all I can say to this sweet story is: "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" Nothing else needs to be said.

  • Chianne
    November 03, 2012 - 11:54

    Kudos to that young man.It's nice to know that there are still good ,honest people out there.

  • Ron Tzzard
    November 03, 2012 - 08:10

    A beautiful story Carol. And, there are so-many more of them out there Carol, We could use a few more of them in these 'seeming days' of cynacism. I say seeming only because, as a culture, perhaps a 'world-wide culture' people(s) seem to have drifted into pods of isolation...maybe the opportunities, for better or worse, have not been so obviously, visably available as in past witness i.e. enhanced social services.

  • Herb Morrison
    November 03, 2012 - 07:35

    In an era when various news media report stories which highlight humanity's greed, selfishness, an perchance for commiting acts of exploitation of various types, this particular story is indeed a breath of fresh air

    • R Ryan
      November 13, 2012 - 00:29

      We as Newfoundlander's expect the past ...our grandparents and parents & for most part our reputation as kind and helpful to have rubbed off on us.Very sad some days it seems the greed and big city attitude has become the norm here in St. John's. I would expect anyone to do the same as that young man did,if able without any fanfare.Sad how our really our town has turned into a drug infested greedy animal like inhumane place.