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  • Ron Tizzard
    November 29, 2012 - 08:25

    An excellent piece for sure George...people, generally, need to be reminded every now and again of the core messages of your comments, as well as those with some semblance of what education is all about. We've moved along quite well through time from the consistent recitation of the ABCs being the substance of 'the starting-line' for a rounded, balanced education. The application of your thesis and its best wishes for youth goes begging for rationality, however, from its brightest leaders as it screams out for the sensibility within an educational system which stuffs dozens of the very youngest of its students on a crowded school bus each day for an hour long ride to, and from,....what?...an enlightening day, a focused day, a 'greatly experienced' day! You suggested that 'Positive mental health can be fostered in children by teaching them social and emotional skills at school'. A very true, positive position taken...but then, the environment has to be present for learning to actually take place. That one hour bus ride 'each way', 'each day' to and from school at 7 a.m.; only to happen again at 3 -3:30 would serve up a tremendous antithesis to the core elements of your very valued, rational thesis...in nthis instance. Thank you. A well done piece of work, congratulations indeed. Here's hoping that the Minster of Education reds you offering.

  • Robert
    November 27, 2012 - 08:19

    Excellent article. Although I would not count on too much support from government. They are not at all friendly toward mental illness. Much of the documentation they put out is strictly a facade and they do not practice what they preach. Maybe if young people learned early about mental illness, the bureaucracy of the future may be better equiped to deal with the issue with more understanding and compassion.