A new agenda?

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I write concerning federal Minister Diane Finley’s Nov. 4 letter to the editor, “Pilot projects are meant to end.”

This letter seems like it could possibly be a generalized indirect response to a question I asked in a letter to the editor Oct. 16, headlined “No incentives to take low paying jobs.”

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley states, “Canadians want to get back to work and our ultimate goal is to ensure that they are always better off working than not.”

Well, Ms. Finley, how is somebody better off working at a full-time minimum wage job for $350 a week when he has to forfeit $485 a week in benefits? Canadians don’t need help connecting with these jobs, they need help avoiding them. I’m just wondering now, if you have a Plan B and, if at some point it includes lowering EI benefits to minimum wage?


Roy Goodland


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