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When Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949, all denominations were given the constitutional right to have their own schools. Then in 1978, the Pentecostals were given their rights.

Many people around the world, especially Americans, are dying so that others can have their rights. Many immigrants like my father, who came from the Middle East, were given their constitutional rights. A few years back, there was a vote called by the Liberal government for education reform.

Due to the Catholics and Pentecostals being the minority, their rights were taken from them. Most did not give them up.

So the Newfoundland people are getting what they voted for. So why all the fuss about reform now? They have to brew in their own stew.

Congratulations to St. Bonaventure’s School.

Merry Christmas.

Mike Basha

Corner Brook

Geographic location: Newfoundland, Canada, Middle East

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Recent comments

  • Charles Kennedy
    December 30, 2012 - 16:56

    Get over it Mikey.Using your logic Mikey there should be about 25 different schools in St John's alone maybe 26 if atheist demand one too.Oh 27 if the Scientology demand their haman rights .Oh yes what about Moonies.? 73% gave the goverment the go ahead and get rid of the denominational system. Mikey here is your task .Form a party and run on the platform that if you are elected you will call a referendum to ask the people of NL to restore the denominational system.All the Christian denominations,Sunni,Shite, Ultra,Conservative,Orthodox and reformed Jews,Mormons,JW's,SDA ,Moonies Scientologists,Wiccans,Johnny Haggeites,Meminites,Amish,and atheists will have their own school paid by the tax payers.Now get your 73%. If your not willing to do that, then except the democratic will of the people. If not then go cry in your beer .

  • Saganite
    December 27, 2012 - 17:52

    All religions, including the Catholic and Pentecost faiths, have the right to run their own schools, as long as they provide the funding to run these schools themselves. As an atheist, why should my tax dollars be used by government to indoctrinate youth into what I preceive to be as nothing more than superstitious and gratuitously violent fairy tales, all in the name of "education"?

  • W McLean
    December 27, 2012 - 11:57

    Denominational education rights were also held by the other protestant denominations, most of which had pooled their resources into "integrated" school boards. A majority in every electoral district but one - including heavily Catholic and Pentecostal areas - voted to abolish denominational education.

  • Doug Smith
    December 25, 2012 - 09:27

    Mr. Basha, you obviously don’t understand what freedom is all about. Catholics, Pentecostals and any other religion is free to have their own schools but the taxpayers of Newfoundland are not and will not pay for them. Also Mr. Basha, you obviously don’t understand what democracy is all about. Your statement, “So the Newfoundland people are getting what they voted for.” , well that is the whole point of democracy, you get what you vote for; not what someone from Corner Brook thinks you should get. Doug Smith, GFW