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    January 09, 2013 - 07:27

    I cannot comment on farmed salmon, compared to salmon raised in the wild, I do not know the survival rate of wild salmon eggs, But it appears that farmed raised salmon are developing a disease,I have a paper that was put out by the Dept. of Fisheries 30+ years ago on cod fish, that tells of how one cod egg in a million survives to become an adult fish, now i read of a disease in farmed raised salmon? I think that the only way to help rebuild the salmon and the fish stock is with the use of a Government financed fish hatchery, where cod eggs and salmon eggs can be hatched and when the small fish salmon or cod fish reach a set size then those fish should be released into protected coves or bays so that the salmon and fish stock would have a chance to rebuild its self , If a Cod fish survival rate was one in a million in a paper i have printed by the dept of Fisheries 30+ years ago when fish were plenty, How low must it be now? The only way to rebuild the fish stock be it Salmon Or COD is with the use of a fish hatchery, Where cod fish eggs survival rate can be" WITH THE HELP OF A FISH HATCHERY INCREASED FROM ONE IN A MILLION TO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS IN A MILLION AND THE SMALL HARBOURS AND BAYS RESTOCKED WITH Young Fish