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Steve Bartlett’s article: “Message managers,” published on Feb. 16, makes me question how far — beyond party members — the tentacles of the Progressive Conservative message managers extend.

For example, in January I was invited to participate in a short interview for the Ovations occasion. “We will be compiling a series of interviews, highlighting your personal achievements.” I said I was interested. A time was set — “I was wondering if you might be interested to come for the video on Friday, Jan. 11 at 3 p.m.?” — and I was referred to the Ovations website.

I inquired how much the celebration was costing and was told businesses had donated $250,000. I phoned a food bank and discovered, for example, that this sum could feed quite a number of families for a year.

I wrote to say that having read and listened to the website video, I had reconsidered. I would not participate. The money could be better used.

My email crossed paths with one from the person doing the videotaping.

He informed me that the interview would not provide me with an opportunity to share my personal achievements, but I would be honoured by being asked to do a "voice over/read of a script that we will provide." I declined a second time.

 Talk about message managing.


Penny Allderdice

St. John’s

Organizations: Ovations

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