Development is dense enough already

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I write regarding the March 5 letter, “Time to look ahead not back” by Ryan Crocker.

Mr. Crocker’s desire for high-density development is well met at present in a section of east-send St. John’s and would be compounded by permitting further development to this degree.

There are 10 high-occupancy buildings contained within one area between Portugal Cove Road, Macdonald Drive, Torbay Road and Mount Cashel Road. One hotel, one large apartment building, two assisted-living buildings, six condominiums (Windemere, Brentwood, Higate, StoneLeigh, 7 Tiffany, 25 Tiffany.) The only public inner access is via Tiffany Lane.

At this rate, the only space not built upon will be Kenny’s Pond. Talk about high-density housing! Under the city’s present commitment to the former developer, you may have to allow something, but certainly not two more massive buildings.

Elizabeth Winter

St. John’s

Geographic location: Portugal Cove Road, Torbay Road, Mount Cashel Road Windemere

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Recent comments

  • saelcove
    March 11, 2013 - 10:52

    Cleaning snow around one building is a lot better than having to clearing the street for a hundred homes same goes for water and aewage

  • Ivory Towers
    March 10, 2013 - 17:06

    Agree wholeheartedly not only with Ms. Winter but with many of the other comments. Greedy developers often purchase land at a price that takes account of any municipal restrictions (such as height) and then proceed to arm-twist the people at city hall for an exemption from those restrictions. When you double the height from eight stories to sixteen, your profits also double. A case in point is the new condo alongside the intersections of Laughlin Crescent and Mount Cashel Road on New Cove Road. The original developer built three townhouses out front and then applied for a condo development on the back lot. The city turned it down first. Then another developer resubmitted it and it was approved. This despite loud complaints from residents that the condo would aggravate an existing traffic snarl on that section of New Cove Road. 'All that will be solved with the new light and intersection with Portugal Cove Road' argued the city., which of course was just a lot of BS. Morning and evening now, the traffic backs up from the light all the way down past Mount Cashel Road so that getting in and out of the condo is nearly impossible. Add to that that this particularly ugly building has a postage stamp parking lot which makes it a nightmare just dropping someone off. The city could have insisted they arrange access to Tiffany Lane to avoid this problem but of course that would cost the developer an extra few dollars. Land prices in this city are still reasonable compared with places like Toronto and Vancouver. For that reason, there is absolutely no need to build sixteen storey towers but my guess is that the majority of councillors will rubber stamp it on Monday because that is what they do. Hopefully all that changes in November.

  • Molly
    March 10, 2013 - 08:17

    I too agree with Ms. Winter,the lack of planning when it come to traffic appears in my opinion to be apparent when not a word about intersection. Majors path and Torbay Rd.there is another problem in the making is Majors Path, not a word about the traffic congestion that will come when the 46000 sq.ft. Office building is fully occupied not to mention the traffic when access from the. New movie theatre also flows unto Majors Path.Add to that another business at the with the intersection at Torbay Rd.

  • Anon
    March 09, 2013 - 19:14

    No SAELCOVE I think she's more concerned with living in a city that already doesn't know how to clear the roads of snow or solve the problems associated with traffic congestion and parking without developing even denser population areas. Much like how in CBS, we're "blessed" with growth but the morons at town hall can't make a single cul-de-sac connect with another and people are being forced to make longer and longer commutes out of town every year as traffic worsens. This has nothing to do with sunlight.

  • CodyLawrenceDylan
    March 09, 2013 - 17:51

    I think you need a better understanding of what "High density" really is! and to add how on earth are these buildings massive?? for crying out loud it's 16 stories!!!!! It will only benefit the area.

  • Local resident
    March 09, 2013 - 11:27

    I agree with Ms. Winter. I think she left out one apartment building on Tiffany Lane. That one block of land also has a church, church hall, school, mall, seniors' home, SA citadel, and single family homes. All the traffic from Tiffany Lane goes along Mount Cashel Road, together with traffic from Mary Queen of Peace and traffic avoiding Elizabeth Avenue. All this across a street classified as tertiary by the city. Now the developer wants to put in another 243 units? I also seem to recall that approval in principle was given several years ago to yet another condo building on Tiffany and the developer announced a year ago he intends to move it forward. This is not NIMBYism. The developer needs to provide alternative access to his project; preferably access off one of the main roads: Torbay or Portugal Cove.

  • Danny
    March 09, 2013 - 11:24

    Don't worry ppl I will save you.

  • saelcove
    March 09, 2013 - 09:07

    Massive, are you afraid of the future, 16 stories wow we will never see the sun again