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  • Stephen D Redgrave
    Stephen D Redgrave
    March 25, 2013 - 13:48

    M.A. Clements has made several valid points, mostly in favour of simply following procedure. Last December I had the unfortunate experience of hanging around The Health Science Centre, fourth floor south, 20 hours per day for more than six days in a row, while my wife was in acute care. In order for a loved one to receive the very best care possible, a family member needs to be present virtually all of the time. This is due to budget cuts and a clear cut lack of nursing staff. The nurses that are on duty are literally running from one diarrhea soaked bed to another and trying to do vital blood work, administer meds, keep strict records, be cheerful and answer patient requests. While I was there caring for my wife, I heard the nurses dealing with broken IV pumps, patients so heavy that it took four staff to change a diaper, waiting for several hours in some cases. None of this is the fault of the nurses who are doing their best at all times. Also, there are family member in every ward 24 hours per day who do not follow any regulations. I was one of them for a full week. I worried that my wife would not be properly cared for if I went home for a few hours....don't get me wrong!! It's in no way the nursing staff's fault whatsoever. Understaffed is understaffed, and nothing we do is going work those poor girls any harder than they already do. When the sweet elderly woman across from my wife called the nurse over and said "Excuse me sweetie, but I've gone poop in my bed again" The nurse would always smile and reassure her everything was ok, "I'll get you sorted out" In this case, all the hand washing in the world can't stop the spread of airborne bacteria and trust me, it was....airbourne!