Budgets and games

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The loss of jobs recently announced by our duly elected government must be devastating for those unfortunate enough to be affected, especially if the reasons are not entirely convincing.

How much more upsetting is it if job cuts were just part of a political strategy or game.

From my perspective as a non-political scientist, non-economist, this is how it works: around mid-term a sitting government presents a draconian budget — if that occurs at the same time as collective bargaining so much the better.

The message is that your (oxymoronic) “frugal government” is making the difficult choices for the greater good, (regardless of whether they are needed or not). Then the next budgets will be ones of “holding the course,” (regardless of whether the course is being held or not).

Then comes the pre-election budget with goodies spilling from the loosened purse, the message being that your responsible government did the right thing when times were tough, and now, thanks to them, you will be rewarded.

This strategy can be applied regardless of the actual financial situation, although it does rely on voters having short memories.

Will this happen in the case of our very own duly elected?

Only time will tell.

My apologies for noting the obvious to all readers well aware of such political games.


Denis Drown

St. John’s

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Recent comments

  • EDfromRED
    April 06, 2013 - 10:18

    Great societies promote knowledge and culture. It's telling that in NL now Massage Parlours and Drug Dens are booming, while libraries, museums and tourism budgets are shrinking

  • shirley
    April 04, 2013 - 08:44

    It is very upsetting, over the past few years the Public Libraries were just starting to get back to what they were before all the budget cuts, half of them were only opened a few days a week and no new books were purchased. Also an extension was completed on the Marjorie News Library on Highland Drive which was badly needed for the neighbourhood as chances of having a downtown library will never materialize. I was at the library last night and was told people were now being laid off which would mean the hours would be cut again.