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Results of the survey

Do you have tickets for the St. John’s IceCaps verses Texas Stars Calder Cup Final Game 3 at Mile One Centre in St. John’s Wednesday night?

  • 13% Yes!
  • 27% No, but would love to have them
  • 2% No, but I’m trying hard to get them no matter the price
  • 57% Not interested in it

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Premier Paul Davis has talked about the possibility of privatizing some government services to help tackle the province’s $916-million deficit. Do you agree with this?


March 12, 2015 Last weekend, when you adjusted your clocks for Daylight Savings Time, did you also check the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and to ensure supplies in personal and family emergency kits are replenished as is suggested?


In an effort to boost compliance for St. John’s dog owners to register their dogs with the City of St. John’s, the city is planning to waive the initial registration fee for a 30-day period. Do you think more people will now licence their pets?


Daylight saving time came into effect on the weekend. How did you handle losing that hour?


The latest Corporate Research Associates Inc. poll says 56 per cent of decided voters in the province back the Liberal party, 31 per cent back the PCs and 13 per cent support the NDP. Do you think that will hold true heading into the next provincial election?

Recent survey

What do you do when schools/daycares unexpectedly shut down?

  • 49% Take the day off work/school
  • 13% Call a babysitter
  • 18% Call in sick
  • 20% Work from home

What is your confidence level in the electricity supply?

  • 35% This is awful.
  • 34% It's to be expected — this isn't the only province where the power goes out in winter.
  • 29% It's inconvenient, but hydro crews work hard to get it going again.
  • 2% I went off the grid already, so I don't care.

Would you watch "The Standoff," a potential webseries about the RCMP standoff with Leo Crockwell in Bay Bulls?

  • 32% Yes can't wait
  • 62% No not interested
  • 4% Who's Leo Crockwell?
  • 2% Don't have a computer

Do you think the price of fish and seafood in stores locally is too high for your grocery budget?

  • 69% Yes I can’t afford it
  • 18% Yes but I am willing to pay the price
  • 7% No it’s reasonable
  • 4% I hate seafood
  • 2% I’m allergic

Kendra's Red House, an adult massage parlour in St. John's, has been a topic of controversy recently, with residents in the Wood Street area opposed to this type of business in their neighbourhood. What would your reaction be if such a business opened near your home?

  • 63% I can sympathize with the residents opposing the business. I would be very upset too.
  • 6% I would have no objection to it.
  • 28% I would have no problem with it if it didn't disrupt neigbours.
  • 3% Undecided.

The provincial government says pushing or throwing snow into a road creates unsafe conditions for plow operators and motorists. People who do not comply could be fined between $100 and $1,000. Do you think people should be fined for this?

  • 65% Yes
  • 19% No, it’s only a bit of snow
  • 8% Fines should be greater
  • 2% Fines should be lower
  • 6% Undecided

How many times do you estimate you hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off on winter work mornings?

  • 16% Once or twice
  • 12% Between two and five
  • 2% More than five times
  • 29% None, I get up with the alarm sounds
  • 31% I’m up early and don’t need an alarm clock
  • 10% I don’t work mornings to I sleep in

Do you think the federal government should allow Canadian patients to grow their own medical marijuana instead of forcing them to buy it from commercial producers?

  • 40% Yes, growing it themselves is cheaper
  • 18% No, commercial growing is better regulated
  • 26% No, but make it affordable to patients
  • 10% Yes, if not they will buy it on the black market
  • 6% Undecided

Do you think a hockey fan, who is being loud and heckling opposing players and fans, should be kicked out of the arena?

  • 48% Yes, they are nuisances
  • 21% No, as long as they are not vulgar or threatening
  • 29% It depends if they are interfering with other fans enjoying the game
  • 2% Undecided

Were your predictions for Oscar winners at Sunday’s 87th annual Academy Awards accurate?

  • 2% Yes, all of them
  • 7% Some of them
  • 3% Mostly wrong
  • 29% Predictions, are you kidding? Not interested
  • 59% Didn’t watch the awards