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Results of the survey

The RCMP has laid charges of fraud and breach of trust against suspended senator Mike Duffy. Do you think this is fair to Mr. Duffy?

  • 45% Yes, there has to be evidence to lay charges
  • 4% No, it’s all political
  • 47% Duffy is only the tip of the iceberg
  • 2% Don’t know enough about it
  • 0% Undecided

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What would you prefer the provincial government do to lower or cut out the looming deficit?


The bill to reduce the number of seats in the House of Assembly has passed with seat numbers to be cut from 48 to 40. Do you support this?


The RNC is carrying out a new initiative called “Operation Ringtone” to reduce the amount of distracted driving on the streets in their jurisdiction. Do you think the problem of distracted driving is such to warrant such a focussed operation?


Are you happy with the way this winter is going so far with regards to the amount of snow that has fallen?


Do you agree with some St. John’s city councillors that while the provincial government is redrawing electoral districts in the province, it should consider municipal amalgamation, particularly in the St. John’s region?

Recent survey

Do you support the provincial government’s stand against the federal government in the dispute over what both say was negotiated with the $400 million cost-shared fisheries investment fund in spring 2013?

  • 43% Yes, 100 per cent
  • 13% No, the federal government is right
  • 12% I guess there’s fault on both sides
  • 18% Knew something was up when no feds showed up to the official announcement
  • 14% Don’t know enough about it

Premier Paul Davis says he intends to cut the number of MHAs in the House of Assembly by 10 — from the current 48 seats to 38 seats. Do you agree with this?

  • 61% Yes, it’s long overdue
  • 12% No, people won’t get proper representation
  • 11% Should be more than 10
  • 9% Four or five less MHAs would have been enough
  • 7% Undecided

What type of outdoor winter activity do you like the most?

  • 12% Skating
  • 9% Skiing
  • 6% Snowshoeing
  • 16% Snowmobiling
  • 10% Ice fishing
  • 10% Hiking
  • 5% Sliding
  • 11% Shovelling
  • 21% Other

Former fisheries union president Earle McCurdy officially announced Tuesday morning that he’s running for the leadership of the province’s New Democratic Party. Do you think anyone will challenge McCurdy for the party’s leadership?

  • 25% Yes, one or more others will come forward
  • 30% No, McCurdy is a strong leader
  • 3% Undecided
  • 42% Don’t care

Premier Paul Davis is looking at the possibility of reducing the number of seats in the Newfoundland and Labrador legislature. There are currently 48 provincial districts. Do you believe the number of seats should be reduced?

  • 62% Yes
  • 4% No
  • 27% That decision shouldn't be made until after a boundary commission review
  • 3% I really don't care
  • 4% Uncertain

The City of Mount Pearl celebrated its 60th birthday over the weekend. Do you think the city should continue on working as it is, or retire into the boundaries of St. John’s?

  • 57% Amalgamate with St. John’s
  • 29% Keep going as its own city
  • 11% Try to gobble up Paradise and C.B.S. to expand
  • 3% Undecided

Do you take time to eat breakfast at home in the morning before heading off to work?

  • 54% Yes
  • 7% If I get up early enough
  • 16% Don’t eat breakfast
  • 5% I grab a coffee and snack at a drive-thru on the way
  • 10% I get something at my workplace’s kitchen
  • 8% I don’t work mornings

In the AHL, regular season hockey games that go into overtime now have a seven-minute overtime period. The OT starts with 4-on-4, and if no one scores in the first three minutes, it switches to 3-on-3. If no team scores, then it goes to a shoot-out. Do you think the NHL — that uses a 4-on-4 model for five minutes — should adopt the AHL overtime model?

  • 38% Yes, a more exciting OT
  • 13% No, the current NHL OT model is fine
  • 1% Undecided
  • 17% Regular season games should not go into overtime
  • 20% Overtime should run 5-on-5 until one team wins, no shootout
  • 11% What the heck is all this 4-on-4, 3-on-3 stuff? I don’t understand hockey

In December, Transportation Minister David Brazil hired failed Tory candidate Barry Petten as his executive assistant while the provincial government was and still is under a hiring freeze unless there is a “critical need” for a job to be filled. Do you think this was a critical need job?

  • 12% Yes, every minister needs an executive assistant
  • 66% What a joke. It is patronage all the way
  • 19% Why all of a sudden did this position become “critical”?
  • 3% Undecided

If you were driving on a highway in the province and came up behind a police car travelling at 100 km/h, would you pull out and pass?

  • 14% Yes, I can go up to 110 km/h without getting a ticket, right?
  • 4% Only if others are passing the police car
  • 77% No, that’s just stupid
  • 5% Undecided