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Results of the survey

How do you feel about Eastern Health’s new automated parking system — an automated arm and payment kiosk system instead of metered parking — set to go into operation Tuesday at the Health Sciences Centre in St. John’s?

  • 32% Great, it’s about time
  • 2% The metered parking was fine
  • 63% Parking should be free at health-care facilities
  • 3% Undecided

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Are you planning on going out of town this Easter weekend?


The Conference Board of Canada says the country could support as many as three more National Hockey League franchises within the next two decades — Quebec City, Hamilton and the Greater Toronto area. Do you think there could be more?


Have you ever seen as many potholes and other damages to roads in this province as you see this year?


As part of this province’s response to a federal government decision on quota allocations for northern shrimp that is said to unfairly impact the province’s inshore fleet, an all-party committee will be formed to push for a better sharing of the quota. Do you think an all-party committe will be helpful?

Recent survey

Were you surprised at the Wednesday night results of the byelection in Virginia Waters?

  • 40% Yes
  • 40% No
  • 8% Somewhat surprised
  • 12% Don’t care about it

A private member’s motion to support the provincial government’s decision to introduce full-day Kindergarten received unanimous support Wednesday from all members in the legislature. What do you think of that?

  • 42% About time they all agree on something
  • 9% To oppose it would be politically costly
  • 32% It’s the right move
  • 17% It’s the wrong move

The Parti Quebecois suffered one of its worst defeats since the 1970s on Monday night when Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard won a majority government. Were you surprised by the results of the Quebec election?

  • 22% Yes, thought the PQ would win a majority government
  • 2% Yes, thought the PQ would maintain minority government
  • 57% No, Quebecers were not interested in another referendum
  • 6% Was a little surprised
  • 13% There was an election in Quebec?

A recent study indicates that by the end of the year, it is expected that 26.3 per cent of Canadian households will be going without landline telephones and relying solely on wireless telephone service. That is up from 22.5 per cent in 2013. Does your home still have a landline telephone?

  • 67% Yes, and will not get rid of it
  • 22% Yes, but considering getting rid of it
  • 9% No, I just use my cellphone now
  • 2% Don’t have a phone — landline or cell

Are you looking forward to the start of the NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs?

  • 41% Yes
  • 20% No
  • 7% Somewhat
  • 28% Don’t watch hockey
  • 4% Stupid question

Are you shovelled out yet from the snow storms this week?

  • 65% Yes
  • 5% No
  • 6% Partly
  • 7% Not shovelling, going to wait until it melts
  • 17% Silly question

Do you think there should be more research done on any adverse health effects linked to radio waves from mobile phones, Wi-Fi equipment, cellular phone towers and TV/radio broadcast antennas?

  • 74% Yes, to ensure safe exposure levels
  • 6% No, amounts are small from those devices
  • 5% Yes, radiofrequency radiation can cause cancer
  • 12% No, you’d never get people to stop using them anyway
  • 3% Don’t know

Do you think snowclearing in St. John’s will improve after an independent review of the city’s snowclearing operations is completed?

  • 43% Yes, it can’t get any worse
  • 10% Yes, a fresh look is always good
  • 19% No, they will never get it right
  • 21% No, unless you triple the amount of equipment and workers
  • 7% Nothing wrong with the snowclearing

In 1868, Canada celebrated its first April Fools’ Day on record. Did you pull off a joke on someone this morning?

  • 38% Yes, got ‘em good!
  • 1% I tried, but it failed
  • 10% No, forgot about it
  • 21% The snowstorm killed my humour
  • 30% Never play April Fools’ jokes

On this day in 1949, Newfoundland — the oldest dominion in the British Commonwealth — became Canada’s 10th province. Two referendums were held after the Second World War; the first was inconclusive, and the second approved Confederation by only 52 per cent to 48. Do you think it was a good move for this province to join the rest of Canada?

  • 60% Yes
  • 30% No
  • 1% Just as
  • 6% Undecided
  • 3% Don’t care