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Results of the survey

Many people seem to have encountered a lingering, serious cold or flu this year. Do you consider this one of the worst cold/flu seasons you’ve ever experienced?

  • 34% Yes
  • 34% No, it’s about the same as every year
  • 13% It’s up there with the worst
  • 10% Don’t know
  • 7% Stupid question

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Do you take time to eat breakfast at home in the morning before heading off to work?


In the AHL, regular season hockey games that go into overtime now have a seven-minute overtime period. The OT starts with 4-on-4, and if no one scores in the first three minutes, it switches to 3-on-3. If no team scores, then it goes to a shoot-out. Do you think the NHL — that uses a 4-on-4 model for five minutes — should adopt the AHL overtime model?


In December, Transportation Minister David Brazil hired failed Tory candidate Barry Petten as his executive assistant while the provincial government was and still is under a hiring freeze unless there is a “critical need” for a job to be filled. Do you think this was a critical need job?


If you were driving on a highway in the province and came up behind a police car travelling at 100 km/h, would you pull out and pass?

Recent survey

If you could choose the way you would primarily heat your home this winter, which of these would you pick?

  • 8% Oil
  • 24% Wood
  • 1% Coal
  • 20% Hot water radiation
  • 22% Solar panels
  • 0% Kerosene
  • 20% Other
  • 5% Undecided

What are your plans for celebrating this evening?

  • 5% Going out to a club, bar or ball
  • 13% Attending a house party
  • 44% Staying home with family
  • 4% I’m working
  • 29% Nothing, it’s just another night to me
  • 5% Undecided

What’s going to be your top New Year’s resolution this time around?

  • 1% Quit smoking
  • 4% Quit or cut back on drinking
  • 22% Lose weight
  • 10% Eat healthier
  • 13% Exercise more
  • 0% Quit using the cellphone or texting while driving
  • 1% Be more charitable
  • 3% Spend more time with family
  • 5% Other
  • 41% Don’t make resolutions

Do you plan to set off your own fireworks this New Year’s Eve, or attend your town or city’s display?

  • 6% Attend the public event
  • 11% Set off my own
  • 0% Both
  • 11% A neighbour usually has fireworks
  • 67% Not bothering with fireworks at all
  • 5% Undecided

What is the etiquette of choosing from a two or more-layered box of chocolates?

  • 55% Complete the top layer before moving on to the next
  • 22% Look at the menu and pick the one you want no matter if the top layer is empty or not
  • 13% Take all your favourites at the first opportunity
  • 7% Don’t eat chocolates
  • 3%

Do you pay a monthly membership fee to a gym or other exercise-related facility and rarely use it?

  • 13% Yes
  • 81% No
  • 4% I don’t use it as much as I should
  • 0% I’ve been meaning to cancel it but keep putting it off
  • 2% I intend to go regularly in the new year

With shrimp quotas expected to drop significantly in coming years, and crab quotas also decreasing, do you think it’s time to increase cod quotas in waters around the province to help the fishing industry stay afloat?

  • 26% Yes, many fishermen say cod are abundant
  • 32% No, it would be devastating as cod stocks are only starting to recover
  • 26% Increase cod quotas a little
  • 9% No, fishermen have trouble selling the cod they are catching now
  • 7% Undecided

According to Environment Canada's long-range weather forecast, Newfoundland's east coast, including St. John's, will likely have a green Christmas this year. Do you prefer to have snow at Christmas?

  • 38% Yes, I prefer a white Christmas
  • 46% No, my preference is a green Christmas with no snow
  • 16% It really doesn't matter to me

Inspection reports made public by The Telegram this week have raised concerns about lack of cleanliness in 20 northeast Avalon schools. Liberal education critic Dale Kirby says school inspection reports should be posted online for public viewing, like restaurant and bridge inspections. Do you agree with this?

  • 92% Yes
  • 5% No
  • 3% Uncertain

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has been warning residents to beware of email and telephone scams, the latest phone scam involving what appears to be a call from Newfoundland Power, requesting payment of an electricity bill. Have you ever fallen victim to an email or telephone scam?

  • 7% Yes
  • 82% No
  • 11% I haven't but I know other people who have lost money to these scams