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Results of the survey

With the City of St. John’s observing the St. Patrick’s Day holiday today, should the city be ticketing drivers for expired parking meters today?

  • 14% Yes
  • 84% No
  • 1% Undecided

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Lately Pope Francis has been tweeting about environmental and social concerns. Do you think the Vatican should use social media to comment on these types of issues?


Are you planning on running the Tely 10 road race this summer?


Do you think it is OK to use your cellphone while stopped at a red traffic light?


Do you think the federal electoral system should be changed to one of proportional representation, where each party would gain seats based on its proportion of the overall number of federal votes it receives on polling day?

Recent survey

Do you think the increase in pay for the mayor and councillors of Paradise by 26 per cent is justified?

  • 9% Yes
  • 88% No
  • 3% Undecided

As the Canadian Senate seems to be lurching from error to malfeasance to refusal to discuss what’s going on in the Red Chamber, do you think it should be abolished?

  • 87% Yes
  • 10% No
  • 3% Undecided

Do you think trips by government members such as Clyde Jackman, minister of Advanced Education and Skills, recently going to Qatar to address the 2015 graduates of College of the North Atlantic-Qatar campus, is justified in the current budget-deficit climate?

  • 9% Yes
  • 89% No
  • 2% Undecided

NBC Sports chairman Mark Lazarus recently suggested the NHL consider outlawing playoff beards so hockey fans can better recognize faces. Do you think playoff beards should be banned?

  • 25% Yes
  • 70% No
  • 5% Undecided

Auditor general Terry Paddon in his report last week raised concerns that there’s no requirement for personal care homes in the province to have emergency preparednesss plans for how they will cope with fires, power outages and other emergencies. Were you shocked by this?

  • 65% Yes
  • 23% No
  • 12% Surprised

Following the federal auditor general's report on the Canadian Senate, do you think there is any way to repair the bad reputation the Senate and senators continue to have?

  • 12% Yes
  • 84% No
  • 4% Undecided

Due to shortage of staff, corrections officers at HMP often are called upon to work 24-hour shifts. Do you think it is safe for a guard to be working these kind of shifts?

  • 9% Yes, if rare
  • 88% No
  • 3% Undecided

Do you regularly donate blood through Canadian Blood Services?

  • 13% Yes
  • 79% No
  • 8% I do sometimes

Do you agree with the design of the province’s electoral boundaries and the reduction in the number of electoral districts from 48 to 40?

  • 57% Yes
  • 35% No
  • 8% Undecided

Do you agree that byelections should not be held where a seat in the House of Assembly becomes vacant within six months of a general election?

  • 87% Yes
  • 11% No
  • 2% Undecided