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Results of the survey

Do you think pharmacists in Newfoundland and Labrador should have more ability to work with patients — such as the ability to provide vaccinations, therapeutic substitutions and manage minor ailments — as they have in some other provinces?

  • 77% Yes
  • 9% No
  • 12% Maybe with some things
  • 2% Undecided

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Access to information review committee chairman Clyde Wells said this week the provincial government has, in the past, abused the solicitor-client privilege reasoning to prevent the release of documents to the public. Do you believe the Newfoundland government is too restrictive in its release of information to the public?


Seamus O'Regan, a native Newfoundlander who has worked as a journalist in Ontario for the past decade, announced this week his plans to return home and seek election for the Liberals in federal riding of St. John's South-Mount Pearl. Do you believe it's OK for former Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to return to the province and launch political careers after living and working outside for several years?


The wife of a polygamist leader in Bountiful, British Columbia , says existing laws banning multiple marriages violate their right to religious freedom. Do you agree?


Do you have home renovations you need to complete before the end of this year?


It's only August, but some retailers are already stocking their shelves with halloween and Christmas merchandise. Do you believe this is too early?

Recent survey

The average Canadian family is spending more on taxes than on food, shelter and clothing combined, according to a new study by the Fraser Institute. Is this true for you and your family?

  • 68% Yes
  • 14% No
  • 12% Not more, but maybe it’s even
  • 6% Not sure

August seems to have brought a great deal of rain and fog with cooler temperatures then we had in July. Do you think our summer is over for this year?

  • 61% Yes
  • 35% No
  • 4% I don't care about the weather

Besides severance pay, retired Newfoundland premiers get a lot of perks that continue up to three years after they leave office, including hunting licences, an office and about $70,000 annually for a personal assistant. Do you agree that former premiers should be entitled to such perks after leaving office?

  • 9% Yes
  • 89% No
  • 2% Undecided

Some cabin owners in the Witless Bay Line area are outraged over a plan by Eastern Waste Management to charge them $180 a year for garbage pickup. Cabin owners can't opt out unless their cabin is uninhabitable and has no power. Do you agree with cabin owners being forced to pay such a fee, even if they don't avail of the service?

  • 39% Yes
  • 56% No
  • 5% Undecided

Rain showers Wednesday didn't dampen the spirits of rowers in the annual Royal St. John's Regatta. Do you think the Regatta Committee was right to go ahead with the event, despite some wet weather.

  • 52% Yes
  • 19% No, it should have been postponed
  • 29% I really don't care

Will you be attending any of the George Street Festival in St. John's This weekend?

  • 10% Yes
  • 82% No
  • 2% Undecided
  • 6% What festival?

Have you taken your vacation time yet this summer?

  • 25% Yes
  • 36% No
  • 4% Don’t get vacation this year
  • 30% I’m retired
  • 5% Not working this summer

Which of the following is your favourite way to beat the heat these past number of days?

  • 3% Icecream
  • 14% Sitting in the shade
  • 9% Swimming
  • 22% Staying inside an air-conditioned building
  • 19% Sitting in front of a fan
  • 22% Drinking lots of water
  • 11% Other

The Department of Tourism — after first staying out of the debate — now supports the position of the East Coast Trail Association that biking should not be permitted on the trail. Do you agree with the department taking this position?

  • 64% Yes
  • 25% No, biking should be allowed
  • 2% Government should stay out of it
  • 9% Doesn’t matter as there’s no law protecting the trail

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary plans to use decibel meters to crack down on loud motorcycles in the St. John's-metro region. The Canadian standard for maximum noise from a motorcycle is 82 decibels. Do you believe the operators of noisy motorcycles should be ticketed under the provincial Highway Traffic Act?

  • 83% Yes
  • 10% No
  • 7% I really don't care