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Results of the survey

Finance Minister Tom Marshall says he expects the province will need to go to the bond market to pay for government operations for the first time in a decade, starting in the coming budget year, despite the province's economy apparently booming. Why do you think that is?

  • 23% Just the way it is trying to balance budgets
  • 1% Taxes too low
  • 42% Poor management of the province's finances
  • 13% Government spending has been too high
  • 8% Civil service has grown too big
  • 7% Demands in health-care, other areas growing
  • 1% Don't know

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The provincial government says pushing or throwing snow into a road creates unsafe conditions for plow operators and motorists. People who do not comply could be fined between $100 and $1,000. Do you think people should be fined for this?


How many times do you estimate you hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off on winter work mornings?


Do you think the federal government should allow Canadian patients to grow their own medical marijuana instead of forcing them to buy it from commercial producers?


Do you think a hockey fan, who is being loud and heckling opposing players and fans, should be kicked out of the arena?


Were your predictions for Oscar winners at Sunday’s 87th annual Academy Awards accurate?

Recent survey

King’s Point is offering free land to people who build homes there. Are you tempted?

  • 48% Yes, get me off the Avalon.
  • 52% No, RDF rocks!

Are you satisfied with your community’s snowclearning efforts so far this winter?

  • 53% Yes, dry pavement all the time!
  • 47% No, I need a trip South.

St. John’s Coun. Art Puddister suggests that school zones in the city should be expanded to give drivers advance notice of a school, better protect walking students, and improve enforcement by police. Do you agree?

  • 53% Yes
  • 17% No, school zones are big enough now
  • 27% Doesn’t matter, as some people will never slow down
  • 3% Undecided

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced the federal government’s intent to introduce legislation to end the practice of automatic early release for repeat violent offenders. That means repeat federal offenders serving fixed-term sentences will no longer be allowed to serve the final third of their sentence in the community. Do you agree with this?

  • 50% Yes, victims have long wanted this
  • 10% No, longer time in jail is not the answer
  • 36% Repeat violent offenders should spend life in prison
  • 4% Undecided

Do you think the federal government should reinstate the long-form census that it eliminated in 2010 in favour of the shorter and voluntary National Household Survey?

  • 62% Yes, a lot of important data is not being collected
  • 20% No, no need of census surveys these days
  • 13% Not sure what the difference would be
  • 5% Undecided

It’s Friday the 13th. Are you afraid of bad luck?

  • 3% Yes, very afraid
  • 76% No, I’m not superstitious
  • 17% Maybe a little
  • 4% Undecided

A recent report states that cheaper, better robots are expected cut labour costs at Canadian factories by 24 per cent over the next decade as more companies replace human workers at a faster pace. Do you think robots can do as good of a job as humans?

  • 29% Yes, and a better, faster job with continued advances in robotics
  • 24% No, you can never replace human hands-on work
  • 34% Robots can only replace certain tasks
  • 0% Undecided
  • 13% It’s the beginning of robots taking over the world

The big, annual love question. What are you planning on doing for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day this weekend?

  • 10% Have restaurant reservations
  • 6% Flowers and a card
  • 14% Don’t have a sweetheart
  • 14% We’ll just stay home and cook
  • 0% Romantic night planned, dinner and hotel room
  • 49% We don’t make much of it really
  • 7% Undecided

The City of St. John’s is considering raising the rental fee for 21 reserved courthouse parking spaces on Duckworth Steet to $15 a day, for a total of just over $79,000 a year, more than 2 1/2 times the $31,000 the provincial Department of Justice currently pays for the spots. Do you agree with this?

  • 23% Yes
  • 14% No
  • 54% The cost should equal a day of parking downtown for anyone
  • 1% Undecided
  • 8% Don’t care

Federal Conservative MP Eve Adams has crossed the floor and has been accepted into the LIberal ranks by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. What do you think this signifies for the federal Conservatives under PM Stephen Harper?

  • 34% The beginning of the end
  • 39% Nothing, just one disgruntled MP leaving
  • 16% People will read into it different things
  • 0% Undecided
  • 11% Don’t care