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Results of the survey

The Parti Quebecois suffered one of its worst defeats since the 1970s on Monday night when Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard won a majority government. Were you surprised by the results of the Quebec election?

  • 22% Yes, thought the PQ would win a majority government
  • 2% Yes, thought the PQ would maintain minority government
  • 57% No, Quebecers were not interested in another referendum
  • 6% Was a little surprised
  • 11% There was an election in Quebec?

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Do you agree with the provincial government’s new five-year plan to manage the moose population in the province and reduce the number of moose-vehicle collisions?


Research shows the majority of young people in Canada are not getting enough physical activity on a daily basis — access to computer games, television and various electronic devices mean the average child spenda about eight hours a day in front of a screen. Is this true for your children?


Will you be watching the Stanley Cup playoffs?


Some residents have complained to Canada Post about the recent theft of packages from community mail boxes. Do you feel your mail is secure in these community mail boxes?

Recent survey

The provincial government is going to privatize health care in the province!!! Do you believe this?

  • 15% Yes
  • 39% No
  • 46% Stupid April Fool’s joke

A Corner Brook woman was upset recently when she had her seal skin purse confiscated by customs officials when entering the United States — she was unaware of a U.S. ban on seal product entering that country. Are you aware of the ban?

  • 18% Yes
  • 74% No
  • 8% Knew something about it

What is the first sign of spring?

  • 46% A crocus in bloom
  • 21% You start seeing bugs
  • 33% Freezing rain starts

Do you make your bed in the morning before you head off to work?

  • 60% Yes
  • 29% No
  • 11% If I have time

What is your favourite time of year?

  • 9% Spring
  • 56% Summer
  • 31% Fall
  • 4% Winter

Are you happy the Montreal Canadiens will move its AHL farm team to St. John’s for the next two years?

  • 48% Yes
  • 12% No
  • 40% Don’t care

Do you support the Prime Minister Stephen Harper government’s proposed anti-terrorism Bill C-51?

  • 34% Yes
  • 45% No
  • 4% Undecided
  • 17% Don’t know enough about it

Do you think the results of an independent investigation into sexual-misconduct allegations against MP Scott Andrews and MP Massimo Pacetti should be released to the public?

  • 76% Yes
  • 19% No
  • 3% Undecided
  • 2%

The town of Taber, Alta., has been subjected to public ridicule since it enacted a bylaw to clamp down on bad behaviour — fines for spitting, yelling, screaming or swearing in a public place, and limits on noise from bars. Would you support such a bylaw in your community?

  • 60% Yes
  • 35% No
  • 5% Undecided

Do you think there is enough discussion and public awareness of the problems of “sexting,” photo sharing and potential threats for children on the Internet?

  • 20% Yes, it’s all you hear
  • 76% No, it’s a growing problem
  • 4% Undecided