Tely 10 No. 87

Tely 10 No. 87
Mark Didham, shown here running the Toyota Plaza Harbourfront 10-kilometre road race in the spring of 2013, is in hospital recovering from heat stroke, which he suffered during last week’s Tely 10. His family is calling on organizers of the annual 10-mile race to make some changes, saying Mark did everything right when it comes to preparing for the event. — Submitted photo
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- October 22, 2016
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Susan...this was such a great story to read...inspiring and touching and filled with so much love!well done!!

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This photograph served as the inspiration for the Caribou Memorials, erected in commemoration of Newfoundland's war dead. — The Rooms Provincial Archives Division, A 68-82/S.H. Parsons & Sons