The Auditor General's Report 2011

Acting Auditor General Wayne R. Loveys presented his 2011 Annual Report to the Speaker of the House of Assembly on Jan. 25.

Included in the 500-page report was commentary, recommendations and auditees’ comments, related to, among other provincial spending issues, infrastructure strategy and the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board.

Here's how The Telegram covered the report:


The Auditor General's Report 2011
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- December 31, 1969
- 19 h 00

When people (and notably any Newfoundlander), want to defend something that logic dictates is simply indefensible, something that has no economic basis or sense whatsoever, they tend to avoid mentioning any numbers, figures or statisitcs like the plague. Instead, they couch everything in touchy-feely vagueries, relying on the inherently immeasureable, emotional and illogical (lifestyle....expensive-but-necessary 'bait' for health care workers...). And if successful in getting everyone to ignore any semblance of financial reality, anything is possible...and you end up with all the wonderfully viable, well-thought-out things that we have always bought or created in Newfoundland...ta-daaa! As far as a guy leaving Whislter for Marble Mountain, and you're implication that this indicates career competence and sound decision-making? To that I say: Really?!

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