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Recent comments

  • Robert
    March 19, 2011 - 19:05

    Why is the general attitude in hockey so nasty? Pro football, baseball, golf, soccer, rugby are all about money but still the player is far more respectful of the person. A hand shake, a pat on the back even just a smile demonstrated in the heat of the battle just never seems to happen in hockey. In physical sports injuries happen but in hockey often the worst injuries have nothing to do with the game at all. I fear this is something that is learned/taught right from the beginning and the solution may very well be at least a generation away. People like DC have made a living promoting the nasty parts of hockey. Since pro hockey is a business perhaps it will fix this problen when teams can no longer afford to be a part of something people won't buy. I gave up watching hockey years ago because the players' attitude stinks and it has nothing to do with the money they make.

  • Aubrey
    March 19, 2011 - 11:58

    The bottom line is that the NHL is big business and that's why they're pussyfooting around with the concussion issue. The suits really couldn't give a damn about who, when, where or why a player gets a concussion. These jokers stood by and watched players, before fighting, agreeing to remove their helmets before punching each other in the head. They actually condoned players removing equipment that was designed to protect them!!!!!!. The fines and penalties that are handed out are another big joke. A 3 or 5 game suspension for an illegal , intentional hit that could end a player's career ?. A $5,000.00 fine to a player who makes 2.5 million a year ?. The NHL also condones most teams having 'enforcers' ie., knuckledraggers whose sole purpose is to beat the hell out of opposing players if/when it's deemed necessary. These goons have no place in the NHL but the league has to cater to those fans who'd just as soon see two no-talent grunts beat their faces off, as watch skilled players play hockey. The suits in the NHL are likely wishing that all the damn uproar about concussions would just go away. Interesting to note that Darren Langdon, during 11 years as an enforcer in the NHL, scored a grand total of 16 goals, while Teddy Purcell, who made it to the NHL with his hockey playing skills, has 17 goals so far this season.