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  • Tony Abbott
    October 07, 2011 - 10:14

    Jared, you must've read a different post. Paddy stated an opinion, but also said he was glad to see hockey back in the city and Go IceCaps. The Baby Leafs left because Toronto wanted them out of here, not because of the fans. Seems like you have some homework to do. And Paddy, the Caul's comment was an understatement. I wish we had Norfolks team. Tough. Who wants to go to Mile One and watch failed toe drags for three periods? Jared, not a chance King scores 30. He's here to put fans in the seats, just like Gilly did.

  • trouty
    October 03, 2011 - 22:31

    Preseason and a crappy time start attributed to all that on sunday

  • Paddy Roche
    October 03, 2011 - 10:55

    If yesterday was any inidication Jason, I wouldn't apply for a West Jet rewards card any time soon in hopes of flying to Winnipeg to suit up....... I know the league is a lot more watered down with players since 1991 when Gilly and the gang joined the AHL ranks at the old "Lady on the Lake," but the calibre of the hockey has also gone way down hill. 30 teams protecting an average of 25 players on any given night means there are 750 NHL'ers ahead of these guys. Unfortunately the new "Veterans" rule keeps some NHL'ers from joining the AHL ranks as they are now heading to Europe to play. Opening up room for younger 'draft picks' and players on their radar makes sense from a $$$$ perspective as they want to invest in their future, however I'm sure local hockey fans would trade three prospects any day for Greg "Bird Dog" Smyth, Kevin MCclelland, and Joel Queneville. The King hit was mentioned, I'd imagine it was as it was the only one for the entire game. The statistician responsible for keeping track of hits told me in the hallway he could've completed three Sudoku books during the game. Glad to have have hockey back here in the city, but there was more life at Caul's than at Mile One yesterday. If it weren't for the youngsters with the vuvuzela's, you would've heard one of the zamboni crew bidding 30 for 60 down in the back of the stadium. Lets hope Winnipeg sends some reinforcements soon. Go IceCaps

    • Jared Slaney
      October 05, 2011 - 13:42

      paddy with that you are an idiot and y do you think the baby leafs left because of people like you maybe you should be more positive ya jack ass , and for one i cant wait to see king play he will get his game back, i say he ends the year with 25 or 30 goals . go icecaps