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  • dwade
    August 06, 2012 - 12:58

    What a laugher..... The Caps are gonna win it for the 10 years at least or more. Colbourne you were bragging about Tavenor in the paper Saturday and he never even pitched. Unless he was hurt whats your excuse for that. You were salivating in the paper like he was the next sure thing. And Healy was basically calling your league a rec league in the article Saturday and nobody did nothing about it like being a little motivated to win. The Caps are your "daddy" and always will be and I will give you 2 reasons why. Your infield should have come in the St Pats Mercy Home Bus not the Blue Baron!!!!! First baseman ismid forties, second baseman is about the same, and your shortstop is incredibly at least mid forties, maybe even 50 or more. And your best relief yesrterday is at least 40 by the looks of him. Your kidding right. You expect to beat the Caps with over the hill ball players that were no doubt great in their day but time passes us all by and its time to let the kids play. And your pickups for this thing is even more mysterious. 2 of the 4 guys you picked up are good enough but the other 2 was a mystery to alot of people. I wont mention names dont need to. Your saying Corner Brook have alot of up and comers, if so let them take their smacks and get better cause St. John's is not the powerhouse it used to be either and our talent pool is dwindling. people talk about helping baseball but guys in their forties and fifties, yes their are guys in their fifties playing baseball, should give it up and let the younger guys play and get better cause thats promoting baseball and developing young players that are the future. I play ball and at 22 I dont want to see guys playing in their late forties and fifties when they should be coaching or helping out. if thats good for baseball then this sport in this province is going nowhere.

    • too funny
      August 06, 2012 - 14:37

      "I play ball and at 22 I dont want to see guys playing in their late forties and fifties". Sounds like some jealous 22 y.o. isn't as good as those old farts.

  • Dan
    August 06, 2012 - 12:42

    Baseball NL needs to try to find ways to get more players playing baseball throughout our province. We need more recreation leagues, baseball festivals/jamborees, and local league/house league tournaments. Too much emphasis on the big event......when there isn't one.