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  • redrantingtory
    August 08, 2012 - 09:24

    I think our athletes are amazing and are doing the best they can, however it seems we are relying to much on older atlethes and their past victories. We have sent our best I suppose but why do we have so many athletes who seem to be in their twilight years and getting close to the end of their careers competing at the Olympics against much younger athletes? We seem to be hoping for atheletes past victories to keep going forever. I know it may sound cruel but how many of our athletes who are older and had amazing careers, have washed out this Olympics? Simon Witfield, A Despatie, Clara Hughes , D Armstrong to name a few who like I said, had amazing careers and you can't take anything away from them nor is it their fault. It seems our Olympic organizers are hoping these athletes will keep on winning. What about the younger generation? Are there any good athletes coming up who can replace them or will be sending the same athletes the next Olympis? I guess if you win the right to go in your sport then that's all we can ask. Just seems to me to be lot of older athletes from Canada not making the cut or performing well at these Olympics.