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Recent comments

  • Chuck
    December 05, 2012 - 09:05

    Fred, Jeff certainly will not eventually become a Newfoundlander, in a few slang words only, and I know that's what you meant. Our own Newfoundlander left us for the "Mainland". Mark will help Stoughton win big time. Sadly, Brad Gushue is on his way downhill, but he brought it on himself.

  • Patricia
    December 05, 2012 - 08:54

    I watched the Canada Cup of Curling with renewed interest for the game. I was extremely disappointed when Mark 'retired' from curling. I suspect there may have been a problem with his former team! I'm delighted that he has found a team where he can shine and feel like a contributing and valued member. Go, Mark, Go! Get that second Olympic medal for Newfoundland and yourself. You deserve it!

  • Fred
    December 04, 2012 - 12:42

    What a great story. Jeff Stouton has been one of my favourite curlers over the years and to have Mark join his team is fannnnnntastic. Labatt Brier here we come ! I say 'we' Jeff, because you will eventually become a Newfoundlander !

  • Frank
    December 04, 2012 - 11:55

    Well Done Mark Nichols! You still have a great deal to offer the game of Curling! I hope to see you and the Stoughton Team represent Canada at the Winyer Olympic Games.

  • Max
    December 04, 2012 - 09:38

    Good Luck Mark I would have loved to have seen you repeat as a winner with Brad, But appreciate that things change, and you have to do what's best for you and your family. You have joined a strong team, and I'm sure success will follow. There's no question, that you could add strength to any team in the competition. I'm certain that Jeff Stoughton has made a wise decision.

  • Jack
    December 04, 2012 - 07:45

    Since the Brad Gushue rink was winless at the recent Canada Cup of Curling, coupled with having a rookie team, Gushue has to make a more diligent effort to retain his star teammates so that they won't defect to other star rinks like Jeff Stoughton, Kevin Martin, Glen Howard, or Kevin Koe. If Gushue doesn't make an effort to keep his star lineup like Mark Nichols, Ryan Fry, or Jamie Korab, the Brad Gushue rink will continue to struggle like the Canada Cup.

  • Jerome
    December 04, 2012 - 07:22

    Brad Gushue's loss of Mark Nichols as part of his "original" team, is certainly Stoughton's gain, although it is sad to see him leave NL.