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Recent comments

    March 14, 2013 - 09:30

    Smug Curlers: Brad Gushue John Morris Wayne Middaugh Mark Dacey. I don't like any of you. I am from NL and an avid curling fan no matter where I lived in this country. Kevin Martin & Glen Howard define class in the sport. Brad, you choked....you had an easy schedule and it showed in the end. Jacobs got hot at the right time and stole the Brier. Martin came on too late reeling off 5 consecutive wins.......Howard lost the edge in playoffs.....Staughton didn't give us all a good final but was classy and gracious in defeat. Howard or Staughton for the Olympics! Maybe Martin will win again if he drops Morris.....maybe pick up Bam-Bam Nicols?

  • St. John's Curling Fans
    March 09, 2013 - 12:00

    A BIG CONGRATS TO BRAD GUSHUE'S CURLING TEAM. It is such a pleasure to watch you play. Everyone on the team has contributed so much and it is wonderful to see the way you are representing our Province and the incredible sportsmanship you show. FANTASTIC curling numbers. We're VERY PROUD OF ALL OF YOU. Will be cheering you on for the remainder of the Brier.

  • Nola Schmiedge
    March 09, 2013 - 10:36

    When I worked I used to think I should take a week's holidays to watch the Brier. I have been retired for 5 years and the Brier is the highlight of my winter. I am amazed at the intricate shots made. It is more than skill, it is an amazing head game. One change I have noticed is that it is truly a team game now; not just skip vs. skip. Every player has input. At times I find myself cheering for both teams. It is hard to pick favorite from the top teams; ON, AB, MB and now NO and NL are back. I am excited to see young curlers coming up to step in when the experienced rinks move on. The two rinks that stand out in my mind and give me the most pleasure to watch are NL and ON. The pleasure they exude while playing and the sportsmanship of these two teams is outstanding. I have been an AB fan for many years, however, on occasion have seen them "snipe" at each other during games they are losing. I find this a real turn off. I understand how easily it could happen, however, in my mind, it places them a little less pleasurable to watch than On and NL. NO is becoming an exciting team to watch as well. Brad is a very intense, talented young man. Still watching the rest of his team before commenting. Since I am from SK, I am over the top with excitement for our new young team. When I heard Brock Virtue came from AB to play in SK I said, "I wish it was Kevin Koe". Well, no more. Very confident in our up and coming team. Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions and share my joy for this sport. There are many in this community who are equally entralled.