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  • Morg
    August 09, 2013 - 19:11

    Men and woman are equal in mind, not body. It's a lot harder for the average woman to row 2k then the average man. That being said, there were 71 female teams this year and only 20 something men's teams. I imagine one of the reasons rowing is so popular for woman is exactly because the distance doesn't seem to scary. You may disagree, but this regatta is mostly recreational and making woman ( the main supporting base for the regatta) row twice the distance will in now way help recruitment for the regatta. In slide seat rowing woman and men row the same amount but this is a mostly recreational regatta. Maybe the men should just row less? Or a compromise, both turn at the 750 mark?

  • Ben
    August 08, 2013 - 23:06

    I am the coach of all three Fixed Seat Team's for Max, as well as the Slide Seat Team the following should be noted by "Funny" Each Member of the Max team (both male and female) - Rowed over 500 000 m on Rowing machine - Trained for a total of 25 hours a week for the past 2 years - Completed 144 laps of the lake a month (360 km) - all our rowers are under the age of 21 some as young as 16 I would invite any person who thinks this sport is easy, to show up and train with any of our females or males. Ben

  • Funny
    August 08, 2013 - 07:43

    Big deal! They do only half the pond. Where's the equality?

    • david
      August 08, 2013 - 09:48

      How much of the pond do you do?

    • Proud
      August 08, 2013 - 23:24

      If it were regulation for women to race the whole length of the lake, then they would have done just fine with that too. Give it a break. Find something worthwhile to complain about.