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  • West End Devils
    December 12, 2013 - 10:24

    Better hockey goes on at Capital Hyundai Area Saturday nights.. You get what you pay for there... NOT A CENT. You wouldn't know if Senior Hockey was the best thing since the slice of the bread. Everyone who plays didn't make it to the big times... or was there and pissed their chance away. Take it for what its worth.... The only buzz i hear about senior hockey now is people wondering where the Delaney boys are playing this year. WHO CARES. I'll spend my $12 buying subway.

  • Ricky
    December 09, 2013 - 14:08

    wrong people at it in there. theres some girl that is supposed to look after the social media, not sure if its the same one singing, but theres nothing done. i am not in town and follows the twitter to see the scores, she does nothing. i has to wait for someone from the visiting team to post something to find out the score. it was promised things would be better, i believe der worse. they should pack it in before the pocketbooks dry up.

  • Brad
    December 09, 2013 - 13:02

    I think a team in Metro can survive but it needs the right kind of people. Mt. Pearl has done a good job promoting the team to get it going, but when the season started there wasn't much apart from the odd mention on K-Rock. No one at the Santa Clause parade, not much buzz in the community besides the signs, nothing! If it wasn't for those signs you wouldn't have known they existed. Game was brutal and there wasn't much of an effort put in. Sure they are 6-6, but it is nothing to brag about, even worse when there's only two teams that spend $$. I have a feeling the Blades aren't the only team in trouble...

  • Pittsburgh Paints shop
    December 09, 2013 - 10:08

    I unfortunately was one of the 200 fans that attended the game yesterday at the Glacier in Mt. Pearl. Sorry, I should say glorified game of rec hockey that I saw. Both teams skated out to a series of.......wait for it, sounds of pins dropping. If it weren't for the 5 or 6 die hard Gander Flyers fans who were up near the bar area cheering, nobody would have known there was a game on the ice or someone had scored. It was non exiting from start to finish. Gander had 14 skaters, Mt. Pearl had enough on their bench to finish a home for Habitat for Humanity in 6 hours. Though they had a full bench, they may have had 6 NLSHL players, the rest were there.....taking up space it seemed. There was one check thrown the entire game, sorry two: Matheson hit Tilley at center, and a Timbits kid ran in to Patty O'Brien during the 1st intermission kids game. He's the Gander goalie, where were the players from Mt. Pearl? Great marketing!!!! This team folded twice now in the last 4 years. With 200 fans, 150 or so paying fans, how can this team survive? How you ask, well the GM of the team now is the announcer, and the head of marketing is the anthem singer. Two bills they don't have to pay anymore. What does this do? Well it keeps these important people from being in the stands talking to the fans. Not sure where the anthem singer went after she attempted to sing, but she certainly wasnt seen anywhere marketing the team. What a great plan! I'm not sure how 150 people paying $12 can be enough to run a hockey team who's game budget runs around $2500. Sure the 50-50 was $400 but do the math, thats only $2200. Not to mention the cost for ice rental, the referees, timekeepers, Glacier staff etc. So my point is that the owner of this team will again have to foot the bill for this team, a team that was told couldn't surive in Mt. Pearl by many a fan, league executive, player etc. What did they think would change? Sure they are 6-6, but does anyone care outside of the 200+ fans that unfortunately paid $12 to watch paint dry on Sunday? For a group of guys who get paid to play, there was more intensity watching two cars trying to get the last parking spot netxt to the door at Tim Hortons. Enjoy the rest of the year Blades, I can't imagine any player in the league would want to play there next year in front of a morgue. After deciding to give it one more try, this gal saw her last game at the Glacier this year.