Brad Gushue still alive

Brendan McCarthy
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Brad Gushue and his Newfoundland and Labrador rink split a pair of games Wednesday to remain below .500 at the Tim Hortons Brier Canadian men’s curling championship. Nevertheless, Gushue still has a shot at a playoff berth with two games left on his round-robin schedule.

Newfoundland, skipped by Gushue and including Brett Gallant, Adam Casey and Geoff Walker, was 4-5 after a dramatic extra-end win over Quebec (3-4) in Wednesday afternoon’s 12th draw.

With the scored tied 6-6 and Gushue having the hammer, Quebec had the shot stone behind cover after Jean-Michel Menard put up a guard with his first rock. But Gushue made a brilliant takeout through the narrowest of ports to lie four. Menard, the 2006 Brier champ, then wrecked on a guard as he tried a similar shot, leaving Newfoundland with the much-needed victory.

Four teams will advance to the Page Playoffs, beginning Friday evening.

There are already three teams Gushue won’t be able to overtake

John Morris of British Columbia, which beat Newfoundland 5-3 Wednesday morning, has an 8-1 record. Kevin Koe of Alberta was 7-1 heading into a game against Ontario Wednesday night and Manitoba’s Jeff Stoughton is 7-2.

However, Ontario (4-3) and Saskatchewan (4-3) remained within hailing distance of Gushue, even if they won their games Wednesday night (the results were not available by The Telegram’s press deadline).

As it stands, to get into a tiebreaker, Gushue would need to win their two games today, against Northern Ontario (2-7), at 1 p.m. Newfoundland time, and Yukon/Northwest Territories (3-4), at 1 p.m. NT, and hope Ontario and Saskatchewan both lose at least two of their remaining four games.



Geographic location: Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario Saskatchewan British Columbia Alberta Manitoba Northern Ontario Yukon Northwest Territories

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Recent comments

  • Enough
    March 07, 2014 - 09:49

    @toomuch Again, I reiterate, not everyone understands. Especially, you experts!

  • Enough
    March 07, 2014 - 09:30

    @toomuch Again, I reiterate, not everyone understands. Especially, you experts!

  • Bert
    March 06, 2014 - 14:59

    @ enough.. In hockey usually you can bring in 3 or 4 imports on a 25 man team. Brad has 3 on his team of 4.

  • Enough
    March 06, 2014 - 13:47

    I've read the comments on the last few articles involving our curling team. So many experts here in this province. Brad is the best curler to ever play the game here in NL. In Team sports, two things are certain; the team will change (from year to year in most sports), and you will have bad tournaments from time to time, it's the way it goes. You think they go away trying to lose? Just becasue they lose a few games you don't need to play "coach" and say he should have done this, should have done that. They got beat by a better team on that particular day, simple. They seem to be taking it easier that most of you (not all of you). For those complaing about imports, you tell me what teams from this province who compete on the National stage, that do not take imports with them? Basketball, rugby, softball, soccer, hockey (hell, they bring them in to play locally). No one is going away for a vacation anymore. You have to put the best team together to beat the beat, and if you have imports at your disposal to improve your team, of course you take them. If not, some other team will. If Brad feels that this is the best team he could have for this year, than who are you to tell him any different? He still has the Newfoundland Flag on his chest. Maybe, you will be happy when Ontario picks him up, and we go 2-7 for the next 10 years. Yes we are a very proud province, and of course we would love to see only NL'ers, but we are not always the best athletes in every sport...reality. These athletes who play at the highest levels are not dumb, and no what is needed to win. Unfortunaly, no everyone understands...

    • Bert
      March 06, 2014 - 14:48

      I believe everyone will agree that we bring in imports for hockey and other sports, but many people feel the move Brad made in dumping Mike Adam and Jamie Korab was unfair to them. This may not be the case but Brad never defended it. Maybe he doesn't have to. Their rink was good enough to win Canada and the Olympic Gold medal. These players had talent and age wasn't creeping up on them! Everyone can decide if they want to support Brad or not. I for one feel he did an injustice to these two players and for that reason I choose to support any team he plays against and I find more NLers feel the same way.

    • Too Much!
      March 06, 2014 - 18:00

      @Enough - Enough already - you're making me queasy with all that goo. With a much more accomplished skip holding the broom, Brad was on the team that won gold for Canada. Since then, he and his rapidly morphing team haven't achieved very much. He's a nice guy and a fine athlete - but has proven himself over and over again since the Olympics to be a mediocre skip. Invariably he matches to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He watched Stouughton come up way short on his last rock but even that give away signal was useless. He still missed the house by a country mile. Don't give us your BS about him beaten by a better team on a given day - that's obvious. But those better teams included some of the least experienced teams there. Personally I had hoped he'd be beaten at bally hally and someone else went to the Brier for a change. I'm bored watching Brad and latest band of merry-men fall flat on their faces after the big send up. Outa Rocks got it absolutely right!

  • Charles
    March 06, 2014 - 10:36

    Outta Rocks Again, Unfortunately, I do have to agree with everything you posted. And I always did feel that without Russ Howard, they would not have won the Gold Medal.

  • Outta Rocks Again
    March 06, 2014 - 09:05

    Gushue has no chance of making it into the playoffs - nor does he deserve to. Based on his calibre of play, it's hard to see how he managed to win even four games. He has changed team members over the years more often than most curlers change brooms. Except for his Olympic team (which Russ Howard skipped), they have consistently disappointed. Put it down to team infighting, Brad's penchant for grandiose shots that never come off, and frankly just a lack of talent. The one player common to all those losing team configurations was - of course - Brad. Not hard to do the math there. You just need to look at the quiet calm of people like Kevin Koe to understand where Brad falls short. Did not impress me either that on at least three occasions in this Brier, you could hear one of his team swear after a bad shot. Now that the Brier has introduced a new qualifying requirement designed to weed out the small provinces (with their small tv audiences), Gushue will have even less chance of making it to the Brier let alone winning one.

    • Darrell
      March 06, 2014 - 12:26

      I didn't think it would take long for a "negative Nancy" to show up re this story. Say what you like, Brad Gushue has been and continues to be our greastest athlete of all time. World Junior champ, Olympic Gold, what esle can you achieve? Brad's problem is that he knows what it takes to succeed at this level and its hard to find the players who are willing to commit and compete at this level. Name another team from Atlantic Canada (male or female) who travels to as many big briers as Brad does? Colleen Jones used to and we all know of her successes. Brad was only one shot away from beating Jeff Stoughton and had he won that game, he would be right in the thick of a playoff hunt. So "outta rocks again", please take your sorry ass somewhere else.

  • Susan
    March 06, 2014 - 08:16

    I have lost interest in watching the rest of the Brier. I guess I was expecting Brad to do much better. Sure hope his Team wins both games today.