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  • Charlie
    March 25, 2011 - 09:05

    I think its safe to say that alot of people outside of CBN of course will be cheering against the Cee Bees. Why? Because the Avalon East League revolves around them like it did Flatrock all those years. All they are is Flatrock West cause it was Flatrock players that started that team to begin win. As a big follower of Senior Hockey and whether its right or wrong outside of CBN the Cee Bees are hated and most followers will agree with that. Every year teams like Torbay have a team whether they are contenders or not but would the Cee Bees be in the league if they were the calibre of Torbay or Bell Island. Any hockey fan that follows the East league would say NO resoundingly!!! Thats why they are hated, its always about them just like when Flatrock were catered to all those years. And everyone knows they were LOATHED!!! Come on Cataracts!!