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  • SayWhat
    August 23, 2013 - 18:01

    To YankeesBye..In your character assassination, I just hope for your sake and the Telegram's, the person this is intended for does not see it and go get a lawyer. You really, really do not know who I am. As for a reply, you just reinforced the Stadium Journey report on St.John's having the worst AHL fans and you fit clearly in the over rated, hot tempered category. As for your comments about division games, you have clearly missed the point of any professional sports team. The fan comes first,,case closed.no if and or buts. I stand by my comment when I said fan friendly. Give me another AHL team that forces season ticket holders and I mean forces them to see the same two teams for three games in the same venue over four days...Answer--none. Why is it fewer AHL teams are visiting St.John's. Toronto has 19 out of 30, the Ice Caps get 13. Why? For every one Ice Cap home game that features the farm team of a Canadian Parent club, Abbotsford gets FOUR. Again why? As for Stadium Journey, it's a pretty big web site that must have a lot of c--p in your estimation. Last month I did an assessment about a venue in England. I checked out Stadium Journey for a specific situation about this venue. Stadium Journey's report was spot on not once but twice. I notice there was no comment about the road schedule, assuming from your very specific character assassination I suspect you know the answer and won't say for fear of a big public backlash.

  • YankeesBye
    August 23, 2013 - 14:55

    Say What ? Give Your Head a shake. Just because You loved the Q and Hate the AHL and don't have enough skill to work for a Hockey Organization, Stop the Sour Grapes already! Stadium Journey was a two bit load of crap that I'm sure Nobody saw or would care to read. Negative Garbage by a Negative Mind, who still misses the Fog Devils. Grow Up Bye. Every Arena has it's flaws. IceCaps fans are by no means the worst in the league and Mile One with it's isolated druthers is as Good a Destination as any rink in the league. How many AHL venues have you visited in person? Not many I suspect cause if You did, you wouldn't have written the drivel. As far as the Schedule goes, who wants to miss the Playoffs by playing out of Conference, Out of Division Games with no ability to catch, tie or surpass opponents you are chasing to make the Post Season. Stand Up and raise your hand. These division matchups feature teams the IceCaps need to beat or keep pace with so not to repeat last year's season to forget. Nobody in this neck of the woods could care less about what is happening in Abbotsford or Oke City or Utica. Stadium Journey, a Trip not worth making unless you are a reader who revels in Rubbish.

  • SayWhat
    August 23, 2013 - 11:35

    Did I miss something? Weekend in New England!!!Try Shaft by Issac Hayes. Season Ticket holders should be outraged by this schedule. First of all what's up with this one team--three games in four nights. It means only 13 teams will be visiting St.John's, the lowest number since the Ice Caps became a reality. And two of the three gamers are against Portland, the farm team of Phoenix?? It's not a joke. As an added bonus we have decided to give you fewer home games against teams who have Canadian parent clubs.. At one time you had 10 games now its down to four. As a caveat you might get the AHL all star game on the same dates Canada is playing the U.S in womens hockey and Canada has their first game in mens hockey at the Olympics. What about other teams? What's happening in Abbotsford? Glad you asked. Yes Abbotsford only has 13 teams visiting, but they are getting a lot of games that are very fan friendly. First of all there are none of these three games in four nights. Also 16 out of their 38 home games feature teams whose parent clubs are Canadian. Six are against Utica (Vancouver), four against Oklahoma City (Edmonton), four against Hamilton (Montreal) and two against (Toronto). By the way, 19 out of 30 teams will be visiting Toronto. So the worst rink in the AHL with the worst fans (Stadium Journey) gets the shaft with the worst home ice schedule. I will leave you with this thought, the best story if you can figure it out is in the road schedule.