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  • SayWhat
    November 11, 2013 - 10:03

    Okay..who picked the three stars on Saturday night? They were in order; Cormier, Mouillierat and O'Dell. All Ice Caps and they didn't even win the game..Two of the three, Mouillierat and O'Dell were on the ice for that final minute debacle. All three were a combined minus 5 on the night. The selection of those players were embarrassing for hockey fans to witness and since this goes on the AHL score sheet, it's an embarrassment for the Ice Caps organization. That game winning goal was the fifth time this season the Ice Caps gave up a shorthanded goal,. Only Bridgeport has given up more shorthanded goals. Something wrong with the power play you think. Pasquale shares the lead for the most losses by a goaltender in the entire AHL. So much for the next step. His counterpart Jones has the most wins for a goaltender. The next chapter is Worcester. Fans are subjected to this team not twice but three times in a row. For season ticket holders, if you had known you were going to be forced to watch the same team three games in a row would you have bought into this. And isn't it coincidental or is it to deflect criticism of the three upcoming games that tickets for the All Star game go on sale this week. Speaking of which, check the Swedish standings lately. The opponents are 10th in the 12 team league. They have won only 5 in regulation out of 19 games. Only one team has scored fewer goals.