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Recent comments

  • Alan
    September 07, 2013 - 13:08

    If his father stays at home and Tyler remembers his place in the club, He might have a chance. Might...

  • John O'Flynn
    September 04, 2013 - 21:54

    This isn't the first time, nor last that Mt. Pearl or Cross displayed this kind of behaviour seen over the weekend. Anyone who was watched previous CC playoff games can attest to it. Stay classy Mt. Pearl & Holy Cross...stay classy...

  • Daniel S.
    September 04, 2013 - 00:44

    Not a bad observation Eddy! Perhaps Holy Cross should donate their hotel proceeds to the NL representatives heading to Halifax. Challenge Cups contested on the Avalon. The fans and players from St. Lawrence stick around to the end. Who do you think is in the stands? Forsey or not Feildians executed a great game plan against the defending champs. Holy Cross pushed too late in the second half and were stifled each time. Forsey had an opportunity of a lifetime. Arrogance or smugness aside, you cannot fault him for chasing a dream.

  • JUDY
    September 03, 2013 - 17:49

    I have to concur with comments of Ed Kelly regarding the lack of class on part of the Holy Cross and Mount Pearl Teams for not being part of Sunday's ceremonies. Goes to show a lack of class and discipline. Hats of to the Fieldiens for showing their class on Sunday by returning to the field to watch the Laurentians receive the championship trophy. For the past 5 years when our team did not make it to the finals the majority of the players stayed and took in the games for the full weekend. Now the SLSA are soliciting our whole province to help us out with fundraising to send our team to Halifax during the Thanksgiving Weekend for NATIONALS......

  • Bill
    September 03, 2013 - 15:59

    Steve and Chad! Come on guys, lets not talk of 'making money from this game'.....I can promise you that Forsey paid his own airfare to Halifax, and that he also has paid for his accomodations! In fact guys, I'll also go out on a limb and state that his try-out with whoever it is he's over there with will last as long as Holy Cross' playoff run did this year! Congratulations to the victorious Laurentian squad, but also credit has to be given to Feildians, Mount Pearl and Holy Cross for strong performances on Saturday and Sunday. It was some exciting soccer to watch. While I'm here I'll also state that once Forsey comes home from his 'adventure' across the pond that he'll find himself without a team for next season. CBS will be one striker stronger next season as I'm sure the welcome mat has worn a little thin in all other soccer clubs!

  • Ed Kelly
    September 03, 2013 - 09:22

    I was really proud to see the laurentians take back the challenge cup after a long 4 years with out a title and to celebrated to celebrate with such a classy group of young men. i was also disappoint in the Holly cross squad at not even staying around to watch any of the other games after their lost to the feildians this showed a lack of class on their part while the other stayed around for the duration of the weekend. Holy Cross a couple of awards at the opening of Sundays game but no one player stayed out to receive i believe that the NSLA has to put in some stipulations that if you are part of this final weekend that you should have to be around for at least the opening ceramonies. On this note I hope that the province of Newfound and Labrador bans together to Help the Laurentians with their fund raising over the next five weeks. Former Laurentian Challenge Player. Ed Kelly

  • Steve
    September 03, 2013 - 08:49

    Holy Cross must be wondering 'what if' Tyler Forsey did not cut and run to Germany before the end of the Challenge Cup season. If his venture in Germany fails, will he be welcomed back? I can understand Tyler trying out in Germany...but maybe if he has waited a few days he could have helped his teammates and himself. Steve

    • Chad
      September 03, 2013 - 12:38

      Steve, really? Come on, worthless comment. Tyler Forsey has the chance to make a career out of what he loves doing, playing soccer. Something that I am sure all of the men playing in the league love doing. He has the chance to get paid for playing soccer, rather than devoting his summers and spare time to soccer for just his own enjoyment. I would be surprised if any of the men playing in that final would have turned down a professional tryout to play in final weekend. You would be stupid to have turned it down. Imagine the "what if" if Holy Cross played, he stayed and they still lost. He would have given up a chance of a lifetime to play this labour day weekend. Final weekend will still be there in a years time and he will have a chance to compete in many more challenge cup final weekends, as there are only 4 real teams in the league. Holy Cross or any other team for that matter, will not fault this young man for making the same decision they all would have made under the same circumstances and he will be opened back with arms wide open. Also, Congratulations to St Lawrence, good to see another team win the league and do so in great fashion. Good Luck at Nationals.

    • Alan
      September 07, 2013 - 13:04

      Tyler Already Tried Germany and came back after quitting. Father waiting on side of pitch every training session, hounding the coaches until they asked for it to stop. Tyler refused to understand reserve u23 system and walked away. Surley will not trial anything higher than this, if not lower at Oberliga (5th league), where subsistence living will be best case scenario. If he 'knows it all' like last time, he stands no chance. Perhaps maturity has surfaced...