Polar bear warning issued for Labrador Coast

Staff ~ The Telegram editor@thetelegram.com
Published on May 12, 2010

The Department of Natural Resources is warning the public about the presence of polar bears along the coast of Labrador.
A recent polar bear sighting in the town of Cartwright has prompted the department to encourage residents to take appropriate steps to avoid attracting bears into their communities and backyards, where the animals can pose a risk to public safety.
Residents are advised to properly store, collect and dispose of garbage and to refrain from storing garbage in outside containers until collection day.
If anyone encounters a polar bear they should remain calm, give the bear(s) space, back away to get out of the situation and never run, if you must speak do so calmly and firmly, and avoid direct eye contact with the bear(s).
Anyone sighting polar bears is asked to please contact the Forest Management Office at Happy Valley-Goose Bay, 709-896-3405; Red Bay, 709-920-2004; Port Hope Simpson, 709-960-0400; Cartwright, 709-938-7362, or Hopedale, 709-933-9785.